Bengal Tiger in Dreams

Dreaming of a Bengal tiger means the show of power and royalty. You demand respect from peers because of the accomplishment in your field. People normally gravitate towards you to seek out knowledge and protection.

The Bengal tiger also symbolizes leadership and luxury. Follow the example, attain one of the traits and you will enjoy both. Obstacles thrown your way don’t stand a chance against you.

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14 thoughts on “Bengal Tiger in Dreams”

  1. In my dream I was playing w/my dog & the tiger-then suddenly couldn’t find them. -So I wonder if the Dream means I’m afraid of losing .. luxury, respect, ..etc (?)

  2. I saw royal Bengal tiger standing wit two legs and when he saw me suddenly re ran towards me to attack me so i also tried to escape and jump into a nearest pond then dream stopped

  3. I dreamed I was sitting in a living room on a couch being circled by two Bengal tigers.I believe they were both male.I became afraid as they circled closer. Even though they brushed against me they were not aggressive. They were aggressive towards a man who was standing acroos from me.the man and his wife owned the tigers and brought them out to me.the wife Sat down next to me and talked about the tigers. She was very pleasant to talk to.the man was more interested in the interaction between me and the tigers,like he was studying of the tigers were very aggressive towards him as it growled and swiped at him.the man noticed my fear of the tigers and took them away.then he brought out a younger tiger cub.he was concerned with my comfort.the cub sat on my was a female cub.she wore a gold shiny necklace and had gray fur.that was the end of the dream.

  4. In my dream i saw a very big bengal tiger over a small pig and the bengal tiger was very stiff as if not moving and i pushed it off of the small big although the tiger was stagnant and continued to be stiff

  5. In my dream , I beat the Bengal tiger because at the time , i felt threatened by it. It was stalking me and I made the decision to attack it and I won.

  6. In my dream, I went from the part of a beautiful house, clean and airy and sunny and walked thru a double door, huge doors, maybe12 feet high, thru to the other half of the house which was dark and gloomy, overgrown and uncared for. The Bengal tiger was tied just on the other side of the double doors. It was a cub and looked at me with such sadness and my heart went out to it because I saw how wrong it was to keep it tied with a heavy metal ring around the neck. It was being cared for because it didn’t look malnourished, but there was such sadness in its eyes.

  7. I dreamt of a baby bengal tiger coming into my back yard up to my Padel back door but I said becareful where ever there a cub the mother is near then the mother bengal showed up to the Padel door and it was friendly.

  8. I dreamed a Bengal Tiger climbed into bed beside me. He laid his head by my head and lay down with his back against my right side so he was in contact with my complete body. Felt very comforting.

  9. This is the second time I had this dream, about a white tiger trying to get into my house as a child. The first occurance I woke up as soon as the tiger made it into the house. This time it was three. It starts out in my old neighborhood where I grew up( and I was a child) I’m looking out my window and there’s the icy ocean(it replaces my neighbors backyard) a dead killer whale(so I thought) attacked by penguins on the beach. But the whale made a move to be in the water.. Made it and swam away. I look out the window a second time I see something like a chimney broom struggling in the icy waters and turns out to be a white tiger. My cousin then tells me a tiger is in the house. So we scramble about to keep it from getting to us. We locked the doors and scream bloody hell trying to get away from the tiger.. Then I was told to go downstairs to my friends apartment on the first floor to call for help, that when they(meaning parents) locked the tiger on the front porch(3rdfloor) as I’m in my friends place I tell her mother what’s going on and she too hears the tiger but to our surprise it’s a second tiger in the hallway trying to get in her house.. I’m calling 911 trying to give dispatchers direction to the house.. The tiger jumps through the glass window in the door and we leave out the back door. As I approach the front I see the tiger on the 3rd floor porch and the second is approaching the front as well but it is quickly shot down. Not knowing to me that there is a 3rd tiger in the hallway and I woke up due to my alarm

  10. I had a dream where I owned a young Bengal Tiger as a pet.. I remember being cautious, It was at the age where it could be deadly.. It never showed aggression and the last thing I remember was it playing with our neighbors dogs.. What does this mean?

  11. I had a dream we were feeding barn animals and sending them literally through this fence with magic maybe. My mom was showing me how. And all of a sudddn some little boy comes in carelessly letting animals through. We stopped it right before the tigers came I closed the door and found myself in a living room I felt I knew. Seconds later I here the tiger eating and my youngest sister comes running from the room tiger right behind her. She told me that itd got my middle sister and she tried to talk it down but it ate her.
    Soy sister was eaten and tried to reason with it. Me and my other sister barely exscaped it. What does this mean

  12. I dreamed several Bengal Tigers attacked my black lab named Blast. He came to me on three legs dangling a leg behind. He died.

    I rarely remember dreams though lately they seem more vivd.

    Just wondering what this means.


  13. I had a very strange & intense dream where bengal tigers were eating people, thousands on the beach. It was grusome – awful to see bodies and parts everywhere.

  14. Hi, i had a very vivid dream last night where i was on my way into the house of someone i know, outside the door there was 3 dogs and a bengal tiger, they all approached me but did nothing apart from cuddle in, one dog showed me his teeth and went for me but stopped as he got to me. The bengal tiger kissed me on the cheek i remember how soft his fur was against my skin. He was massive too. Then we ended up going into thhe house and the dream continued from there but i dont rememer if i saw the tiger again