Boar in Dreams

Boars are introverted aggressive creatures. When a boar appears in your dream, it signifies the that you want to remain aloof. At the same time you are very defensive of your territory, whether they are relationships or office space.

Try to open up more and invite people into your life.

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2 thoughts on “Boar in Dreams”

  1. As,likum
    Yesterday i had a dream, that a pig(Boar) was in front of me n evreything was disturbed, so plz give me the meaning of such an dream,i m really disturbed after seeing this dream…

  2. My dad has recently passed away. I had a dream that my family has organised to cook food and give it to poor people to bless my dad’s soul. While we are giving the food to people some boars arrive, three females and 1 male boar. They start eating all the food and we’re very scared of them. Me and my sister say to each other that ‘we’re not going to cook anymore food because these boars will eat it all.’

    I want to know what could be the meaning of this dream. If someone knows please tell me.