Camel in Dreams

A camel is a portraits of endurance. The way it travels through deserts battling dust storms and severe heat conditions, the camel endures all travesties. To see a camel in a dream signifies great financial gain, perhaps inheritance. First there will be hardship and obstacles to overcome before a windfall of financial gains.

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2 thoughts on “Camel in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that a she-camel was trying to make love to me and it even happened and it was a weird wet dream. what does this mean?

  2. today i slept at time between maghrib and esha i saw that at start i was driving a big ship which was in water suddenly the water change in land and a truck was competing with me then i saw that i was pulling a camel……… the caml was following i took it by a side way where there r less people……..then the camel was chewing my hand…………then the camel was sleeping outside of my room and it was crying i went to talk to it but my sister woke me up