Cheetah in Dreams

Dreaming of a cheetah means you are graceful and quick with your actions. You are never viewed as someone who is lazy or procrastinates on assigned tasks. You are a person of action where words are cheap, so you normally just go out and do it rather than wait on tasks being assigned by supervisors.

Your peers love having you on the team because they know you are there to take care of business first before pleasure.

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12 thoughts on “Cheetah in Dreams”

  1. I was walking up a dirt path in a neighborhood a woman came out and said don’t go up their I’m trespassing, I ignored her because I had some raw dough I wanted to give a wild animal.
    Lots of people took this path to Hike here.

    It was a bit difficult climbing down, the steep path, but when I got down a cheetah and then a wolf came bounding towards me in a friendly manner. I threw a piece of dough to the cheetah and then to the wolf. They ate the dough happily and then bounded around in a playful manner almost like pets especially the cheetah, the wolf was more in the background sorta say. Then I had to climb back up to the steep top and two teenagers appeared to help push me up, but the teenager at the top didn’t want to help. I asked him so he barley helped, I asked again can you pull me tighter so I can get up and over and he helped a little more, but with my own strength I pulled myself over the rest of the ridge back into the neighborhood to go to my car and go home. Tha’t it, I had a good feeling when I woke up after in the morning.

  2. I’ve had this dream a couple times, where I am a cheetah. I’m me but my body is that of a cheetah. Other cheetahs see me and interact with me as a cheetah. It feels normal but I feel self aware but they do not and are just being Cheetahs. I like being a cheetah and I understand their language. Then I wake up.

  3. I had a dream that I went to walk my daughter outside and 2 cheetahs were lying by the door. I was able get back inside but she wasn’t. One was friendly but the other stood on hind legs and sniffed her. I tride to open door but they would try to get inside. I tried to get help

  4. I dreamed that I was walking home through trees like a park and a cheetah came running out at me. The cheetah came at me and when I put up my right hand and he was biting it but not hard. I immediately , instead of freaking out, said calmly good kitty nice kitty and began petting his head with my left hand. The cheetah never bit harder but began releasing the hard grip of his teeth. I kept petting and saying nice kitty. Then a man drove up in a jeep and shot at the cheetah with a dart gun but the dart hit my thigh. I looked at him like what have you done and he looked shocked. Then I woke up.

  5. Past couple nights I’ve been dreaming of a Cheetah outside of my apartment. Majority of the time it rests when I’m inside my apartment and active when I walk outside. When I walk outside the cheetah is friendly as I walk by but catois of others when they try to approach. What could it mean?

  6. In my dream no one could get to cheetah the way I did. She used to growl or bite at anyone else except from me. We played together wrestling in safe soft manner not hurting each other and I could speak to the cheetah as if I was the only one to understand it

  7. I had a dream that a cheetah was biting my head, it didn’t seem mean, it was more like it was trying to pick me up like its young. In the dream I wasn’t after but at the same time I knew it was hurting me. Also it was someone’s pet, not in the wild

  8. I am 23 christian but i do not believe in the myth of god i have my personal beliefs.

    I dreamt that i was in the middle of the road late at night, no cars around. Two men were loading something stuff out of theyre car and taking inside theyre house. there was something at my feet i have no idea what it was but it was metal.

    I tried to walk to the curb from the road but there was a Jaguar/Leopard/Cheater on the curb staring at me, it diden’t look angry or threatened but when i walked towards it, he or she stood up but kept his or head down but again did not look threatened and had no intention of attacking me, as the expression on the face did not change it just stopped me from going past. as soon as i stopped trying it sat back down and watched me, i pointed and said something to the guys and they said dont worry she likes you go go, but i didnt stroke her i just picked something off the floor and walked away but then the animal and the uys were gone and i saw my self from a front view there was something behind me like a box and it had a blue sheet on one side and something was pulled towards me. the thing i was carrying was pulling towards my shoulder and i could not move it away and every time i tried to walk forward it pulled me back and the sheet was pushed in the middle as if something was behind it, it was magnetic and i couldnt take the metal thing anywhere away from the box, what could this mean? i woke up at this point.

  9. I’m a Christian and saw a cheateh in my dream. I think this follows prayers we had that involved tearing down of demonic strong holds. Cheateh is from cat family and cats represent demonic world. It depends on how the action of the cat and your relationship with it. In my dream the cat was tamed and under my command. Christians have been given power and authority to trample over snakes and scorpions (from bible). And saw i knew the demonic spirits had been torn and brought down and caged in Jesus name. I once dreamt of a lion, that symbolised to me the King of Kings, Jesus. 🙂 may God provide meaning of dreams. However not all dreams are from God hence they are meaningless and its aim is to instill fear because thats the work of satan as an evil schemer. Just be aware that the battles are not of flesh or blood but against rulers, against authorities, dark world and evil spirits in the heavenly realm (from bible)

    1. Good morning! I’m also a Christian and I dreamed that I was having a great time with friends and this cheetah was there and wouldn’t go away…I then moved (him) to a different room. :'( I know that cheetah symbolizes my ex boyfriend. Our relationship was horrifying…we broke up then less than a month later he then went to jail. He’ll be out really soon. Honestly we planned this future fantasy future together…I thought he changed but he didn’t. I no longer want to be with this man…and that dream to me symbolizes that he won’t leave me alone.. the thing is I am now talking to someone special 🙂 my soul mate, he’s the one for me!!! I know this in my soul. I’m kinda scared because I’m afraid the (cheetah) won’t leave me alone. And now I’m honestly happy. And I don’t know what to do. I’m a God fearing woman and that’s all I have. I know in my heart if I pray he’ll soon vanish into thin air. I really want to thank you!!! I loved your message and I had to respond. Have a very blessed life!