Cougar in Dreams

Dreaming of a cougar means you are engaged in stalking and ambushing your prey. Being the more mature cat that you are, you tend to get what you want. Your strength lies with being comfortable in public settings where you are at the top of your game.

Embrace your feminine power and aggression to attain meaningful relationships.

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3 thoughts on “Cougar in Dreams”

  1. I woke up my wife by crying out ‘Help! Help!’ from the depths of an unusually vivid nightmare. Walking along my favorite trail, one that runs along abandoned railroad tracks, I sensed something behind me and turned to see a cougar approaching, crouching low, padding silently, tail swinging slowly, a posture assumed by cats, big and small, as they creep up on their prey. I could smell my own fear, see the taut movements of the animal’s powerful muscles and look into its brilliant but cold eyes … as helpless as one can be. Way too weird, man, way.

  2. I had a dream a cougar with grey/blue fur was following me home and proceeded to accidentally maul me while trying to play and growl. I kept wagging my finger and saying “no! I don’t want to play right now! Come back later!” Because I was holding one of my three sons, Dallas, and I kept having to turn to keep him from getting jumped on. In waking retrospect I should’ve let him follow me all the way home and played with him after putting Dallas inside. Poor dream cougar.