Cow in Dreams

A cow is both docile and productive. A dream of cows indicate great prosperity in all ventures. It is best also to keep a close eye on your own affairs carefully. Cows promise abundant fulfillment of hopes and desires of those who dream about them.

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8 thoughts on “Cow in Dreams”

  1. I just had a dream where I woke up to 2 cows sleeping in my bedroom on the top of my bed, they were my friends and I wanted to take them to a large garden at my parents old house that we lived in around and before i was in pre-primary, I had a moment of guilt realizing I love the taste and have eaten lots of beef in my time, my intention at the time was to let them chill out, not excrete in my bedroom, eat grass and have a home. they was also a female figure with me on the bed.

  2. Portion of my dream: I saw cows in lower land drinking water from a stream that I knew was there but I could not see. I worried if the water was clean and safe to drink. I walked to an upper land and somehow I was in a small grocery store with several cows. One calf caught my attention. It was wrapped or swaddled in blankets but he sat upright. I had a gallon of purified water and felt urge to fred this calf this purified water. Amazingly when I poured the bottle, the calf understood how to drink from the bottle. I gave him all the water – only concern was I not pour it too quickly. I felt very amazed, relieved, and happy I had taken care of this calf.

    1. The calf is you. It’s your fear of your inabilities and shortcomings. You being able to give this calf all your water is you realizing in amazement that you can water(nurture) yourself with the necessary things to be happy.

      Most people eat meat. You eating the flesh of other animals aids in you dreaming about these animals. These things are all connected. The calf you watered in your dream is not the reality in most farms these days. Please consider, if not already so, going vegan.

  3. Had a dream about a cow. Actually, nightmare is more fitting.
    Anyways, had a nightmare about me staring at a cow (for whatever reason) and it bites my face and rips the flesh of it and eats it.


    1. can’t you see? You probably eat meat. You don’t even think about it, but the steak you eat came from a mutilated tortured animal.
      Your psyche is pushing the reality of your actions back at you. Nightmare? Of course, thats what cows and other animals are suffering, literally being treated has consumables and having their lives tormented for their flesh.

      Wake up and stop eating meat.

  4. I had a dream that a bear came out of some woods on the other side of our fence and entered into out cow pen. The bear came straight across the field but when it made it across the cows chased it back to the fence.

  5. In my dreams there was a cow in my room, actually it was my friends room and the cow was behind the chair. Eventualy the cow even came towards me but never touched me.