Dog in Dreams

Dreaming about a dog that follows and plays with you indicates a gain of constant relations and friends. On the other hand, to dream of barking dogs foretells news of a depressing nature or something unexpected. A time of difficulty is likely to follow after dreaming of dogs barking.

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6 thoughts on “Dog in Dreams”

  1. I have a recurring dream that I am out somewhere and suddenly realized I have left my dogs in the car and it’s extremely hot outside. I rush back to the car fearful they are dead but they are always alive… What in the world does this mean and why do I keep having this dream?

  2. night mare.
    lovedones leaving me behind,in a house my mother in law is buying only it is broken and falling apart.puppys that talk and no one else can see ,my husbend returning two weeks later and my parents picking through the stuff they left behin please help this is the third time ive dreamed this

  3. I have had the same dream the past two nights. MY wife is staying with some of her family whom i have never seen before; and they have dogs that attack me in my sleep. the dogs try to kill me but i fight them off! then i go to leave and can’t find my shoes, so the others give me someone else’s shoes. There was snow involved in both dreams. My wife is Pregnant with a girl she just entered her third tri-mester. ( Real Life). I just awoke from this dream about 15 minutes ago tonight. But the night before when i left the place my wife was staying I was put in some castle or dungeon. and join a massive group of people whom are rebelling about something. Either rebelling or leaving this area (place) in my dream.

  4. I dream it see peole figthing in one car and then another car turn up with also a man a woman fighting an as I walked away a big brown dog jumps on my shoulder licking my face , I get him down and ran but he followed me to my home and laid down at my gate

  5. I had a dream that I was walking down the street & there were 10-15 dogs sitting in a line there as I walked by one of them came running to me & started to bite my hand & My sister came & pulled me away…I was not bleeding & it didn’t hurt either…What does this dream mean? I hope nothing horrible.

  6. Salam.
    I had a dream that I am walking to a dark place and there I fall asleep. Than I hear dog braking only into my one ear.
    The thing is when I hear the bark I feel like that I am wake in the dream and something is bothering me and braking is not stopping . I start reading dua in my dream nothing happen but when I read ayatul kursi I feel like something is pushing me than it let’s me go .

    Please if you can tell the meaning of this thank you