Elephant in Dreams

Dreaming of elephants is a good sign. Elephants are associated with wisdom, memory and the power of persistence. Overall, dreaming of elephants are very positive and it is symbolic of bringing you dignity and distinction to your real life.

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3 thoughts on “Elephant in Dreams”

  1. This is a recurring dream, I remembered it when I was a child. I was sitting on top of a red convertible back seat. I have one person on each side of me. We turned on this long road and at the end of the road were two giant elephants, one on each side. They were on their hind legs with their trunk turned up. They were all decorated colorful, like an elephant in India. I was afraid of them, that they were going to crush. I would wake up and never went through them.

  2. I was coming down the stairs in my dream when I looked out the front door and saw a huge elephant sticking it’s head in through our front gate in it’s mouth was a chunk of grey rear bumper from my neighbors car…. Panic hit me for a second then it just as fast it turned into relief because it wasn’t our car (which is white) and then I was happy and woke up this morning excited to have dreamed about such a beautiful elephant just there looking like it had brought me a present…… What does it mean I don’t know all I know is it wasn’t a scary dream and I’m stoked!

  3. It was a very wierd dream. I saw myself sometimes walking and sometimes moving in a vehicle (no idea what vehicle was that). The scenes looked similar to a hill station I visited in year 2010.
    Then I reach a farmhouse type of place with wooden gates, and talk to a person over there. He tells me that there are lots of baby elephants there. I could not see the face of the person I talked to. Then, I saw dozens of baby elephants – orange/yellow colored elephants !!
    They were playing amongst themselves and even jumping on each other.
    Then all of a sudden I woke up.

    My date of birth 27 June 1982
    day of dream was 28 April 2011