Foal in Dreams

Dreaming of a young foal indicates your life is taking on a new direction. New projects and starts will be a norm regarding work and relationships. Save the current expended energies in order to succeed when the new undertakings take form.

There won’t be a lack of support from your peers as they will see and congratulate you on your efforts. Take this foal dream in stride as it is a good omen.

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4 thoughts on “Foal in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream there ws a dead new born foal in a field with one front leg curved.
    The mother of the foal was off and away standing with other horses.

  2. Last night I dreamt that a shy foal was introduced to me by its handler as I was walking on a road with others. When I kneeled down to let it smell my hand, it was very loving with me and not afraid. It pushed on me to sit down, whereupon it lay in my lap and kept pushing my hand to pet it. Very loving animal. The evening before I had this dream, I was deeply considering a move to a new distant location, wondering if I could afford the move. I’ve never dreamed of a goal before now.

  3. I was with my whole family, extended as well when we all see a white foal running towards us from a distance. As it gets closer we all notice it’s headed for me. I wasnt afraid. No one was.

    It jumped on me and proceeded to lick, kiss, and play with me in the same manner a dog would. I was EXTREMELY happy and I began to hug it with every stretch of arm I had. I LOVED that foal. I was in love it.

    Everyone was ooing and aww ing. And I’m just hugging and loving.

    It’s head hair and tail were rainbow.

    Any ideas?

  4. I had a dream a mare in a field with her foal walking past me, it felt very serene until I saw that the foal was having difficulty walking, it was lame and that made me feel very sorry for it.