Fox in Dreams

Foxes are denoted as cunning and deceptive creatures. Dreaming of a fox often involves and an enemy or rival who has penetrated your group of friends and waiting on the chance to make a fool out of you. If you kill the fox in the dream, then you overcome the threat of trouble and will win in the upcoming engagement with your enemy.

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18 thoughts on “Fox in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of myself closing windows in a sort of dark house. Then I opened a back door and a Fennec Fox was trying to get in my house. I did everything I could to keep the fox from getting in. Somehow, mud got on the fox and I was able to get in my house safely. I do not understand this dream at all.

  2. I dreamt that I was holding a beautiful baby fox and eating it alive. It was trying to bite me to escape and I felt it’s pain as I looked into it’s beautiful brown eyes, so I strangled it to put it out of it’s misery. It was hard to do that, but I did it.

  3. I don’t know if these dreams have any significance at all, because they were very strange. I figured though, since I saw the same fox in two dreams, they have to mean something. So here they are, please don’t mind the grammer.

    I was in the backyard of an old house that I used to live in. Some man in a dark cloak gave me this powder, and said to eat it. It tasted like sugar, but a little sweeter. Then I began to breath fire, and all the trees around me grew faces. All of a sudden a beautifal red fox appears, and it transforms into a woman. She tells me to run, and I look back at the trees. They began to move, one threw a snowball at me, abother threw two. Then I saw one take out an axe, and I bolted into the old house. The back door was only a screen, and the tree hacked it to peaces. I ran out through the front, and the woman was waiting for me. I think she may have been naked, but I wasn’t paying attention, her long red hair was verry dazzling. She turned back into a fox, and told me to get on her back. She was a very big fox, about the size of a small horse. I rode her down a twisting, rocky path through the forest. All the trees were coming alive as we passed them. we stopped at a dead end with a boulder over the path, and that was when I woke up.

    I later had another dream hat night where I was hunting for something, like treasure, with a friend. I happened to stumble upon knowledge and power to help us find it all. But as I was about to betray my friend that very same fox appears in front of me. She turns bac into a woman, and tells me to be careful what I do next, and that no matter what happens, she will always be there for me. That was when I woke up for breakfast.

  4. In my dream, My father (who the night before I was pretty upset with) went looking for my sister and used two foxes to sniff her out. The only image was of them sniffing around a tree and slowly climbing it. Once at the top they sat up there with an anteater. My dad explained they always end up doing this and begin to become aroused and forget to do their job. It started to look like a 2 fox and an anteater orgy…

  5. Ok, so I usually have pretty crazy dreams. This one was just so detailed/vivid, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since this morning. I was in a field with by best friend across from me. In between us was a tree and in the tree top was a silver fox. At first we where just checking it out and commenting how we had never seen a silver fox. But then it seemed agitated and we both started to back away from it. My friend started to yell at me to stay away because it was getting pissed. I kept saying it was ok, we would be fine, while trying to back away and then it freaking jumped on me and just started attacking me. I kept trying to fight it but it just kept going crazy, and then the dream just ended….

  6. In my dream I was standing on my front porch with my jack russell male dog, a gray fox I think although it somewhat looked like a baby wolf, was standing about 15 feet away. The porch gate was open, I called my dog back who was watching the fox thinking he might go after him. My eyes met the foxes eyes it was so real, like we were eye locked, as if the fox was there with me, I woke up expecting the fox to be right there, said “wow that was so real” fell back asleep, did not dream of foxes again.

  7. I dreamt that I was in a really rundown house, mess everywhere. I spotted a rabbit in the front garden just sitting there then a fox came out of hiding and sank it’s teeth ibto the rabbit and killed it. It then disappeared behind some of the mess and I felt in so much danger as I was now outside with my cat and I was worried for my pet. I got safe inside with my cat and all was well until later the cat went to sleep outside, when I checked on her she was gone, I knew thefox had gotten her.

    1. This one’s a bit wierd, I had a dream that I was turned into a fox, by some evil masterminds that captured me and my friends, one of my friends was turned into a bird and the other one a rabbit. We were smart minds that the evil wanted. And I tried to go and get help, the person I went for was my crush, and he didn’t seem wierded out by a fox trying to communicate with him at all, he helped us and the evil was destroyed. But me and my friends were still animals but nobody seemed bothered by it.

  8. I dreamt that I was walking around with my husband, we were surrounded by people in a parking lot, everyone was looking for foxes, trying to spot them. One red fox came out of her hiding, she had a very beautiful face and vibrant coat, and she came to to me, jumping up on me as a dog would, paws on belly noise up looking at me. I tried to shoo her away but she jumped on me again. She was friendly, but my shooing was agitating her. Then she went away and my husband came and I told him, they always do that to me. We walked around the corner and I saw 3 black baby foxes on a den, they came looking their heads out at me, and a guy was trying to sell them. He handed very small one to me a male then a very small one female red to me.

  9. I had a dream my mom and brother went for a walk and came back with a friendly Fox they had found in the woods. I drove over and smiled at the Fox hoping to pet it. It climbed into my car and sat next to me and began to pinch my hands so hard. It was extremely angry at me. I didn’t want it to attack me more so I tried to show it that I was in pain then I tried to smile at it so that it would be happy again but nothing worked until I pulled my hand away from it as hard as I could and it had pinched a hole in my hand

  10. I had a dream as a child I was in a house with a fox outside that stared into my eyes and a fire close to it but it has been the only nightmare I have really had in my life but something I can’t seem to shake and I still remember feeling a sense of fear I have never felt again

  11. I dreamt I cuddled a dead fox back to life that was hit on the side of the road. I don’t think they are cunning or evil, that’s just fear driven stupidity. They are intelligent creatures trying to survive.

  12. I had a part of a dream where I was looking down from the side of a bridge or something and saw a groop of about 10 foxes. The catch is they were all different kinds of foxes(ex. White fox, red fox, etc.)

  13. I dreamed I was caring for a fox family. At one point the adult fox lie on my back with its muzzle tucked close to my neck. It was a peaceful, loving experience.

  14. This one is a bit crazy. I had a dream that I, myself, was a fox. There was pack of cunning wolves whom continue sly stole from a large bear. I spoke to the bear curious of his intentions. He threatened to kill the wolves. For some reason, I related to the wolves more than the bear and shared with them my acquired information… I don’t understand why…

  15. I dreamt my mother bought something she thought were plants, in stead these things turned out to be little foxes. My mother is generally afraid of dogs- but she wasn’t afraid of foxes, she thought they were cute. And get message was leave them be- they have the right to exist.

    I have read celts thought of foxes as intelligence, and cunning but in a positive light. Perhaps it is more intelligent or cunning to leave things in life be?