Giraffe in Dreams

Dreaming of a giraffe means you have an elevated view of things. Where some peers can only see the trees in front of them, you tend to see the whole picture of how business or relationships work. You are never stuck on details and continue to drive yourself towards a higher goal.

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6 thoughts on “Giraffe in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night I saw 4 or 5 giraffe in my front yard and my sister said I got 15 giraffe for us and I was so happy I was playing with the girrafes and the girrafes also were happy.

  2. I had a dream last night where two giraffes were ‘escaping’ or running away. The 1st giraffe ran past me and the 2nd saw me and started attacking me. I had to jump inside my friends car through his window to escape and even then, had to kick it away with my feet… That’s all I remember.

  3. A friend & I debated performing immediate surgery on the sedated giraffe in front of us. We thought about waiting for a vet(neither of us has a clue about anatomy/biology etc), but there was no time. We decided that giraffe anatomy can’t b too different from human anatomy, except that everything’s bigger & that may actually make it easier. As I was making the 1st cut I woke up

  4. August 6, 2015
    I must have had a fever or something… I was sitting in the back seat of a car on the passenger’s side. A friend was in front, and I think my mom was driving. It was daytime. I look to my right, and up at the top of this earth wall (like a shoulder on the side of the road that slants up steeply maybe 10 or 15 feet) there’s these two giraffes just chillin’; like with their legs underneath them just sitting there. I was like: “You see those giraffes??” And they did, and so we pulled over. I rolled the window down, and looking up at them I made whatever giraffe noise I thought sounded like a giraffe in my head at that moment (kind of like a high-pitched sheep crossed with a goat). Whatever I said, pissed them off real good because both of them got the most offensive looks on their faces. And then offensive looks turned into raging angry looks which then turned into looks of murder. They got up fast and were coming after me to kill or seriously maim me. I was yelling “drive! drive! drive!” and we drove off and laughed about it like wtf just happened? Those were some angry giraffes. Then it starts getting subtly weirder… throughout my fever haze I had tons of different dreams, and throughout these dreams there was this subtle hint of these two pissed off giraffes that were out to get me. Like they’d be off in distance lookin’ at me from afar. I’d see them, and be talking to someone and be like “You remember that time I pissed off those two giraffes and they chased…. oh f#$%! That’s them! They found me!!” And then I’d book it. Then it starts getting to the point to where I’m still seeing them in different dreams, but now they’re fighting. Like how giraffes fight, like when they’re smacking their necks together in all out giraffin warfare! And somehow I know, in my head at the time, that they’re getting more and more frustrated waiting to deal me an all out ass whooping. And somehow I can tell that they’re SO frustrated that now they’re fighting over who gets to go first… which one of these crazed, angry giraffes wants to be the first to full-on fu%# my sh#$ up?

  5. In my dream, I am riding a giraffe and fighting off barbarians. They were riding horses and were not able to reach me while I shot arrows from a higher vantage point.

  6. My giraffes, actually two of them was sleeping in the parking lot at the office – blocking the way for us to drive out. Their hoofs were very prominent – partly due to the fact that they were still young giraffes.