Goats in Dreams

Dreaming of a goat often involves lust and sexuality. The goat symbolizes vigor and relentless energy. Following Greek mythology closely, goats also caution business deals and an association to steady increase of financial gains.

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12 thoughts on “Goats in Dreams”

  1. When I was twelve I had a dream about waking up in a forest it was so beautiful then I heard something howling and I looked to where I saw it and it was a huge demon looking wolf dog every color in the forest turned dark Grey’s blacks and whites it started running at me I wanted to run but I couldn’t then a black lamb came out and the wolf dog died and I’m 17 right now and I have the same dream about a forest but no wolf dogs no more and the black lambs Is now a goat and it keeps everything in the forest every time I go a certain place it will push me back in a different direction

  2. last night I dreamt I was at some kind of fete .I was in a hall looking out to the garden at front of building, there were quite a lot of people in garden with dogs, nice dogs. Then all of a sudden this child walked into garden I think there was someone else ,an adult with child and a animal.so the child looked like he had come off the mountains he had goat fur trousers, tan and white,and the animal was a goat ,also tan and white ,beautiful. I said that’s not a dog its a goat ,look at them ,and I followed as I approached the goat the child and other person had gone out of dream, but I then picked up goat ,it was a large goat,and put it on my shoulders. the way they carry goats well small goats.it felt right,i knew I had to do this. I carried the goat to the street , there was a bus stop a lots of women sitting on benches looking at me ,I felt like id come off the mountains, but this was the suburbs , I felt like id come from biblical times and a goat was all I had, all I needed .The women on benches were smoking and as I carried goat past them the smoke was choking me and as I put goat down I said out loud .All this smoke! its enough to kill you ,!to the women.

  3. I was in a meat market and could see 3 shaved dead goats in there entirety thought the display glass but they would move And wiggle gently to show they were still alive and I would look at them and could see the pain and anguish I was so terrified and disgusted I kept telling my spouse ” how can you eat them ?” How can you eat any of these animals ” I walked out of the store crying and literally gagging from disgust . As I composed myself I heard a sound and turned and there it was the goat from the display but only this time the sun was shining on it and it was fur and I was saying ” free at last free at last it rubbed against me happy and grateful and then I awoke . Weird right ?

  4. i saw goat delivery with two goat birthing in my dream.and i am doing operation of goat like normal delivery.
    what does it means?

  5. I dreamed that I was undone foreign land with my current girlfriend and our close couple friends. My dad who I dispute with was there as well. We were in the back yard that somehow was the hub of a lot of social gatherings of the locals. I remember being the only person there who noticed the dark and menacing clouds engulfing the sky, I also heard storm sirens off in the distance. In this back yard there were 2 stray dogs running around playfully and I remember enjoying their presence, then I saw it. This seemingly wise goat with a densely speckled ring of green around its entire neck and beard. I remember feeling mesmerized by the goat and shared intense eye contact with it, as if it was warning me of something. I then noticed I was surrounded by rotting boar carcasses that were months into the decomposing process. I asked for help getting away from them but no one could help me and my dad was simply unwilling to even try. I got away in my own and then I woke up.

  6. In this dream I was attending a wedding or gathering with a lot of family and friends present. Also present was my husband’s mother who passed away in 2009. She was asking me to get her something ( I cannot remember what). I left the gathering to get something for her. I went to my studio, although it wasn’t my real studio. I just knew it as my studio in the dream. I went to check on something there and opened up the back door. There was a large white goat making its way down the hill behind my studio. I never looked directly at it but felt threatened so started walking away from the goat. At this point the goat started urinating on me. I wasn’t close so the urine had a 20+ foot trajectory and completely saturated my hair. I found myself back at the gathering with everyone looking at me wondering what happened. I excused myself to go take a shower. Then I was awake.

  7. I had a dream that I was walking down a dirt path and my brother, he was a black wolf covered in blood, came strolling up to me. He was being followed by two red goats that almost had demon like faces. I ran home, but he was already there. All the lights were off but the fire in our fireplace. He went upstairs with the goats, so I ignored him. Some time later he came back down as our dog, a black lab, and I went upstairs. None of the lights would work. I could hear our parents car coming down the driveway and the lights shot on. I heard a faint, low laugh and a scream, but only I could hear it. I ran downstairs and I confronted my brother, “What did you do up there? The lights came on when mom and dad rolled up!”
    “That’s normally what happens.” He said with a wink.

    Everything went black and I heard another scream and I woke up.

  8. I had a dream last night that there was a picture of a goat’s head buried and covered on the grounds of a church. One of the members uncovered the picture of the goats head that was discovered by a dog that was leading him to the spot. After he uncovered the dirt and grass, the picture of the head was exposed, then there was another layer of debris, he uncovered it and there was a mouse trap. we thought the mouse was dead but when he touched it, it was alive , but clearly dying.

  9. I dreamt last night that I was in a upper class neighbor of all white row houses, very well-heeled white suburbia it seem, and I am a black man (I really am) and I was in this home and there were three goats. . .there were so loving and so attached to me (even now I have this deep longing to be with them). They were a bit mischievous and got away at one point and the neighbors were chasing them, but upon seeing me, the came back home. . .one was sort of white and tan, the others were little white goats. . .they were so loving.

  10. I had a dream that a large goat (almost the size of a horse) wandered into my backyard (of my previous home for some reason), and I pet him and led him back home with some kind of leash/bridle. He belonged to a farmer and his wife who lived where my nextdoor neighbors used to be. The large goat was very friendly and had interesting horns that were completely straight but appeared twisted, like a frozen yogurt type of spiral. Please let me know what any of that might symbolize; I very rarely remember details of dreams.

  11. i saw a goat brought by my father.i was reluctant to go near him.he was white and beautiful.the goat went somewhere and was attacked by viscious dogs with horrorful teeth.i rushed to help the goat.i saved him.and then it started following me.the got was naughty.but he seems like obeying my every command.i was like his master..apparently i didnt liked him but deep inside i cared about him and thats why got worried when he was attacked by dogs.i felt his ownership.looking forward for the answer.thanx in advance and plz e mail me the realisation of this dream