Hippopotamus in Dreams

Dreaming of a hippopotamus means hiding your true power and strength. Those who do not know your true nature will be in for a surprise upon discovering what you are capable of. Your enemies are hesitant to cross you, as they have heard stories, but never witnessed your destructive actions. Continue to leverage the unknown to your advantage, and show your strength only when necessary.

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12 thoughts on “Hippopotamus in Dreams”

  1. The last few days I’ve been very puzzled…I had a dream about two nights ago I am very private so it’s alot for me to step out and post this… my dream two nights aago myself and about 30 people men and women were being enslaved in one of my childhood homes and in particluar this is the 3rd dream i’ve had about this home and i’m always trying to escape being harmed by an enslaver. In this dream the other night the enslaver was a single man and he would kill each person slowly one by one in the house who left the house for any reason once he got wind of it. The moment I decided to take a run for it myself and 3 guys… the enslaver wasn’t home and so as I opened the door to run I was stopped in my tracks there were piles of large dead animals neatly stacked on top of one another all kinds like 2 or three of the same animal mixed in sequence all across the driveway non of the other animals were clear but one a dead Hippopotamus one in particular laid there with it’s mouth wide open I remember seeing the teeth. The bodies of these dead animals were blocking my path all in front of the garage of the house and the walk way myself and the 3 guys managed to get over the animals and disappear into a busy market shop across the street we waited for it to become crowded and all the sudden these men we didn’t not know who appeared to be in a group talking and laughing filled the gap without words they looked at us 4 and began to descretly tighten their group to block the view of anyone from the house we had escaped being able to see us so that we could adaquately disapear into the crowd and then we escaped into the wilderness when I looked up I was by myself we all spit and went seperate ways. I then woke up terrified and the the Hippopotamus keeps sticking out I don’t know why I can’t find anything on dead Hippopotamuss’..I need to know. With all do due respect I don’t mean this in an offensive way I am a christian so i’m not interested in taro card readings or seeing animals as spirit guides I just need to know the significance of the Hippopotamus as it relates to my dream every interpertation I find there is nothing about a (dead Hippopotamus). The dreams I have there are never interpertations for them…

  2. Ok so last night I had a dream. I was looking for my son who is 35 yrs old we went to an office where we thought he was and everyone was busy and couldn’t help. So we looked around we didn’t see him so we decided to leave. Well when we opened the door to leave He was with a very tall man with a huge hippopotamus! I remember thinking wow where did u get that huge hippopotamus?? And I woke up

  3. I saw a hippo attacked us. A small child. My mom and a few more of my coauins. I saw my mother is a patient of Arthiritis. She was unable to run at the moment. I some how carried her to hospital. I dont jnow wat happend to others. For that moment my mom was crying and it was tooo painfull.

    Later doctors checked my mother…meanwhile i found myself in a bhulbhulaiya type of washroom one door led to other and so on i started from hospital and reached ecactly the washroom where my mother was hit by hippo. It wss there in a resting mode and but still if he found me he would kill me. I rried to close the washroom but failed latee i hided my seld om a stairs but there was a zero degree cold there. I woke up and just mymheartbeat is still so high

  4. I dreampt I was a bear in the jungle and as I was walking thru I saw a hollow log on the floor. I bent down to see what was inside I saw a face looking back at me. It was a rat or mouse. When I got back up there was a hippo next to me and it decided that he was going to bite off my nose. I fought him off and we had a huge fight.
    Neither one of us could get the better of each other so we stopped and became good friends.
    We spent our days together and just chilled and relaxed.
    Can someone make sense of this please.

  5. I dreamed about a mommy Hippopotamus giving birth in a some sort of zoo, I guess.. They are separated to the other ones since she’s gonna have a baby I guess. That baby hippo grew. And I guess the people that keeps him in that containment decides he is big enough to join the others. So all of a sudden I see this HUGE bell going down the water to this hippo and they started ringing the bell obnoxiously. I felt the hippo’s pain, as he cried and screamed for mercy.. and all I can remember after that is that he is playing with drums and it seems like he’s being forced to do it…

  6. I had a dream where I was swimming with my daughter. I suddenly so the sweetest hippo. I said look Gigi, look at that beautiful beast. The I noticed another and I said, look, it’s the child!! She was intrigued. I looked around again and saw that the entire lake was filled with hungry hippos, and they wanted to eat us. I was horrified. I couldn’t even say anything to my daughter because I didn’t want to draw any attention to her in those hippo infested waters. I was sure we were both goners. Suddenly (lapse in dream here) we were both standing in the conclave enclosure of a huge cliff. We couldn’t go up, we couldn’t swim, but for the time being, we were safe.

  7. This was the first time I ever remember dreaming of a hippo. I was alone in the dream. The people I had been with had gone somewhere. I think I was actually in a parking lot, yet there was a body of water and I was hand feeding a hippo. I was setting green “things” in an area where there was a little water for them to absorb some of the water. The hippo seemed happy. I think I was a little apprehensive. It was still a good experience.

  8. I dreamed I dropped my daughter off at a home daycare (as I do every weekday in my waking life) as I left I proudly held a beautiful chocolate Labrador puppy. I put him dow and he ran in a circle. As he ran back toward me he crossed in front of their pet hippopotamus and he opened his mouth and ate my dog. I screamed and wanted to hit the hippo but I stood with hesitation and after he finished chewing I sadly walked away. I woke up and cried.

  9. I had a dream about hippos. They were everywhere. In the dream I would have to try and avoid them because they would start coming towards me.

  10. Dreamed of Hippo. I was hiding from it. It kept on tryin to reach me. But last night i was watching a documentary of hippos. So its really nothing much that unconscious mind playing back the documentary in my dream.

  11. Hi i had a dream that i was chased by a hippo but it never caught me i moved out the way.
    What do you think it means