Kitten in Dreams

Kittens in your dream means you will be encountering situations that are innocent, playful and yet troubling. It could be be a relationship that has its share of ups and downs. Or it could be that you are entering phases of becoming a parent figure.

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13 thoughts on “Kitten in Dreams”

  1. I recently also had a dream that my boyfriend or man friend was eating flat fish with his friend. Can you tell me what that means?

  2. I had a dream last night that my boyfriend or man friend came home from vacation and there were many, many white fluffy playful young kittens in his house. He seemed happy. Can you tell me what this might mean?

  3. I had a dream I came home and I was looking for my dog I called him he popped his head up I pet him and got some ice cream and this striped gray and black cat jumped up on the table and started licking my nose my oldest son was standing there and I said there isn’t anything better than kitten kisses then I put ice cream on her nose and she put both paws on her nose and then licked it off

  4. I had a dream that I was touring a new apartment complex and I was wearing a white lace dress. There appeared a kitten in the front bottom of my lace dress. I was asking the tour person to help me remove the kitten because I was afraid of it. They were on a phone call and wouldn’t help me. What does this dream mean?

  5. I had a dream I was vacationing with my Boyfriend and long time friend (in the dream I knew we were on the Vegas Strip, BUT it totally wasn’t) and we were trying to decide on something to eat. I ended up getting into an argument with my boyfriend and we both stormed off in opposite directions. He wanted something high-priced and I was arguing for something that would be cheaper but accommodating to all of our tastes (think buffet). He was certainly more dramatic in the dream than he is awake, and although I knew I was dreaming I was still super frustrated with him and embarrassed and sorry for our friend. My friend and I, then set off to find food. After I realized he was carrying my purse (totally out-of-character) when he had walked away, I was on a mission to find him. Got super side-tracked and realized I needed to find my kitten instead (I really do have a kitten). I found him with my human-mommy senses, stuck between the gap of a screen door and a sliding glass door, looking “outside”. I opened the door and hugged him (he was super happy) and looked up to see what he was looking at to get himself stuck to begin with, and there was a smallish backyard with a garden and at the center on a mat, was about 3 or so litters of kittens. A LOT of them. One litter was… Odd… to say the least. They looked mangey but not sick, rather that was just their fur. The longer I looked at them, the more their faces semi-morphed to be more humanoid. For example, some started to have human-like eyes or noses and some ears would shrink. Right when I adverted my eyes to prevent them from changing anymore, a GORGEOUS smokey/cream/tan/chocolate seal point long-haired kitten popped up and just stared at me with so much intention. I stared back of course and was completely mesmerized. Less on it’s beautiful coat, and more on its green/blue eyes… okay it’s third eye. I stared deeply into all of it’s 3 eyes and felt a strong need to take the kitten. I remember rationalizing why it would be the right thing for me to take the kitten–like our kitten needing a friend, especially one who is special like he is! (our kitten has 3 legs due to a car–before we rescued him and took him in) I woke up and that BY FAR was the most impressionable part of the dream. It took 10mins of meditation on it to even remember if other people were in the dream or remember that I had gotten mad at someone! All I could really remember was that 3-eyed kitten that stared back so intently….

  6. I saw a dream of lots of butiful baby kittens and in my dream I was saying to my self I can take kittens from here next time and look after them there were so many please can u explain the meaning of my dream

  7. my dream was clear although @ times it did seem the clarity was in vignette with the surroundings of the immediate scene being hazy. anyway it seems cloudy there’s big buildings outside I’m sitting on some kind of concrete square/rectangular structure like a low bench maybe, and these two kittens appear next to me that look @ the most 3-3 1/2 weeks old, one black one white that I can’t remember if they were alive/animate before I picked them up, but when I did they stiffened to a laying position in my hands, as if instantly taxidermied, if there’s such a word, & even looked like it, as well as old/worn. I put them down thinking WTF because I wanted to play with them or take them home but felt kinda yucked when I put them down. then I woke up thinking WTF.

  8. I dreamed that I had a box of 33 kittens and I was trying to put them all on this leash with multiple leads on one main leash which just left me with a ball of crazy kitty action. Seems pretty fitting, I am nine weeks pregnant so becoming a parent figure and knowing that it will be both a huge reward and also a lot like trying to walk 33 kittens.

  9. In my dream last night, it started out that I had gotten a black puppy, it was an older puppy not a dog. I remember being happy to have the puppy. But then I was feeling bad that my daughter didn’t have a pet, so we got another puppy, younger and also black. Both puppies were very easy going, easy to care for. At one point I realized I had not given them water, I panicked for a moment as i got a dish from my cupboard and gave them water. They were not harmed as I feared. The dream changed and there was a large sink hole in the back of the apartment where I lived (in real life I do not have an apartment or a dog) It changed again and I was now in the sink hole that was full of water. Then the sink hole was water with a strong current, but it didn’t seam to effect me even though I was in it. I could not get out, but that did not seem to bother me. I swam over to an old lady also in the water but protected by a bank to the back of her. She was tiring from being in the water. I gestured to my husband a ways a way out of the water to come help. While he was coming over, I pulled the pack off my back, at first I thought it was a life preserver that I could give to her. As I took it off I realized it was 2 patch work pillows, of no help to her. I then checked on my husbands progress and I noticed an animal, I thought it was a cat going straight for the water with several kittens behind it. The family of cats went directly into the water and the current helped move them toward me. I gestured to the woman to look as they passed us. The cat had elongated its body for the kittens to ride on its back, but then it looked more dog like than cat like. The woman was having trouble staying above the water. So I looked at her and said my husband will be here in a moment. Then I looked back at the family of dog/cats. The family was gone but there was a blue kitten struggling to catch up. I delayed for a moment trying to decide to help the kitten or stay with the woman. I decided my husband would help and went into the current to help the kitten. When I brought the kitten to the surface it was no longer blue but black, and it clutched desperately to my hand. Strange right?

  10. salam
    last night I had a dream, that there were two cats in my dream (one of them I didn’t recognise but the other one I recognised it was my own cat I currently have)
    both these two cats had two babies each (two months ago my cat had two girl kittens)
    The weird thing was I was really scared of these two cats in my dream, I was so cared of the cats that i quickly put the lid of the dustbin on top of the bin so I didn’t had to see the cats
    additional info: I’m not really scared of cats in real life, but in my dream I was really scared of them

  11. Salaam

    Im just abit concerned. I don’t know why? Anyhow,
    Im not not much of dreamer but I remember this one, reason being, as I was crying in my dream. I had 3 kittens absolutley beautiful, I think they were supposed to be my babies, pure white with a abit of of black in them.

    The 1st kitten started to grow human heads really tiny ones. But then I got a friend to give it a leathel injection so it died. Thats when i was crying The other 2 grew up to be abit.. odd looking.

    But I remember being happy !!!