Lamb in Dreams

A dream involving lambs often precludes a sacrifice. Through the sacrifice of pleasure or the attainment of material objects, the dreamer will be bestow with means of prosperity. Another dream meaning is that sacrifices strengthen friendships.

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2 thoughts on “Lamb in Dreams”

  1. Had an awful dream about a family, a mom and dad, and boy and girl child. The children were young probably 7-ish the boy might have been a little older than the girl. I seemed to be watching this on television. They had two lambs that seemed somewhat like pets. They seemed to be a happy family just talking and laughing and etc and then the dad said I want to show you something and the kids thought it was going to be some neat trick or something but the dad started to slaughter one of the lambs to show them how it was done to use to eat etc. It was like a “reality show” it was a real family etc not a dramatization. I tried turning off the television before the actual killing happened but I couldn’t as quickly as I wanted. I was having problems figuring out how to turn it off as well as actually doing the action once i knew what button to push. I think my children were in the room exposed to it which made it more imperative in my mind to get it turned off. Just before I got it turned off I could hear screams and wasn’t sure if that was the the lamb or the little girl or both. I just knew that especially the little girl would be traumatized by it and I was very upset with the father for doing something like that especially when they were not prepared as well it kinda coming out of left field for me altho I realized what was happening before those children did and was working to get the tv off. I woke up feeling very anxious.