Mad Dog in Dreams

Dreaming of a mad dog means you are about to embark on a rampage. This could be the cause of your enemies putting enormous amounts of pressure on you, and breaking your sanity. It often leads to your downfall as an individual whom many of your friends have come to like and become fond of.

Be wary of this period of instability in your life. Associating yourself with a mad dog is never looked at in a positive light.

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4 thoughts on “Mad Dog in Dreams”

  1. In my dreams, probably 6 AM. I was doing yoga and I walked out side the home and tried to shoo off a bunch of dogs. one of them followed me and in frightened I entered my home and locked the door. that dog was trying to come inside , I don’t know whether he wants to bite me or not. and he was not having teeth and saliva all over its mouth, no barking nothing he was just watching…
    from then I frightened that something happens n all…
    does it mean good or bad…

  2. i saw dream that i am in kabristan and saw so many dead bodies…after that i came out side and one dog came to me to bite me but some how i mange to console him so that he will not bite me.and then he looked at me and ok.what does it mean?

  3. i had this dream one or two days ago… it was like..i was fucking a black dog.. it was not mad or was move forward n i was pullin it back and fucking it…wat does this mean!