Mean Animal in Dreams

Dreaming of a mean animal represents your fight or flight instinct taking over confrontational situations. It normally ends up in the fight category as you not a person known to back down from bigger or badder opponents.

In the long run, your mean streak can be disastrous to your overall health as your body takes a toll from the various injuries. Learn to refocus your energies in developing your intelligence rather than muscles.

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2 thoughts on “Mean Animal in Dreams”

  1. I had adream my son husband n myself were all out together spaced out when a grisley bear started running toward my son my husband ran toward bear n started hitting it with a pillow n it attacked him instead

  2. Salaam

    Last nite i dreamt that i was getting bit by a small cat, there where about 5 cats or six kept biting my hands and getting stuk to my hands, they only let go after a short amount of time and my brother was holding thier mouth and throwing them out so they dont bite me, it was painful but i was actualy taking the pain in and i just looked fine that i kept getting bit and wile the cats teeth wer stuk to my hand i was sitting waiting calmly for it to come off even thoh it hurt me but not AS much as it would hurt me in real life.

    could anybody please tell me what this means