Mice in Dreams

Mice are associated with vermin. A dream with mice is not a good sign, as there are trouble looming over a chain of events. Your business partnerships will go soar as each partner is represented by the greed and hoarding nature of mice.

Your relationships will face hard times as well, because mice are known to be aggressively argumentative over territories. Tread carefully after mice appears in your dreams.

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One thought on “Mice in Dreams”

  1. I had two dreams
    Mice: I was alone in a large house 🏠. Family of mice 🐭 two adults and three young were inside my kitchen. I was trying to put them outside. Two went away but I found three small mice still eating in my kitchen.

    I saw cows were flying in the sky. I don’t know if they were dead but they were overburdened,eyes closed and a man was stealing them away. I shouted at the man and at last I started crying.

    Please send me meaning of these dreams