Ocelot in Dreams

Dreaming of an ocelot means you have independent spirit with the power to be who you want to be without any regards to what other people think. This automatically earns respect from your peers. The way you carry yourself at parties attract others to you automatically. Beware of the envy your create around you as others would like to contain you and keep you all to themselves.

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3 thoughts on “Ocelot in Dreams”

  1. Had a dream that i was in my house and an ocelot appeared on the windowsill and jumped in the window into my arms nuzzling me etc. I was taken aback. Not a fan of cats.In the dream i explicitly thought what is an ocelot doing here. Suddenly I got afraid for safety of a baby that was in the house looked out a window and saw a cheetah or lepord walking past the gate of the garden. Fear grew more.I suddenly realised I lived near a zoo and picked up the phone to call them. Pretty soon a zoo ‘swat’ team arrived and took the ocelot from me and though it retained the form of the cat it struggled almost like a human to get away but it gave up the struggle and as it was being carried to van outside it looked at me accusingly and hurt and I could hear it’s thoughts ‘why did you do this to me I was just looking for affection’ then I woke up

  2. I dreamt that I was in a room, when I saw an Ocelot raise up from behind a piece a furniture. It looked at me briefly and I remember thinking, “I wonder if he needs to go out”. I slowly opened the door nearest to me and the Ocelot moves towards to door then stopped to look at me. I felt like I knew him and was sad to see him go. He sniffed at the outdoor air and then left.