Panther in Dreams

Panthers are full of power and grace. Enemies will be naturally attracted to you when you dream of panthers, but your power will overcome and subdue the negative energies arise from these antagonists. The force emitted from the panther’s stare is more than enough to freeze up your enemies before any harms comes to you.

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6 thoughts on “Panther in Dreams”

  1. In my dream I was standing in my home which had several floors with white walls and ceilings. I was on the first floor I looked out the front window and saw in the far distance a Black Panther staring back at me. I remember thinking that I better pull all the shades down on all the windows. I thought if the Panther couldn’t see anyone it wouldn’t try to get inside the house. I went upstairs and told a couple of people from the group of people who were in the living room to go pull the shades down. They left and I thought I better send my son to make sure they did as I asked because I felt I could only depend on my son.

    1. I forgot to mention that when I looked out the window my eyes went straight to the Panther in the distance, but there was a street that ran west to east with houses across the street.The Panther was in between two houses but back in the distance.There also were some people outside.

  2. When I was 2 years old my brother was 1 at that time my Sister was 7 and my mom all of us lived in 1 story 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house we were all sleeping in bunkbed in 1 room it was very hot summer I awoke I think or half asleep and walked into living room sat on couch that was 5 -10feet from room I sat there and stared at front door and by front door was moms room her room door was opened and next thing I new while starring at front door I seen a Black Panther walking out of my moms Room and as it came out it started to walk towards me and as it got closer I got frightened cause how real it seemed to be to me and its eye’s watching my eyes I never took my eye’s off it except once to see if it was an elusion witch it was still there coming closer towards me so when I said its not real and it still coming towards me and stops about 3-5 feet from me and I look into its eye’s and it starring into mine and I’m frozen from shock didn’t know what to do so I ran to the room jumped too the second bed hidden as close to the wall as I could my sister got up to fix a bottle for my 1 yr old brother I said to her no don’t go in there and she said why I reply with no answer so I prayed and she walked back to the room I asked her did you see anything she replied no and I peeked into living room and there was nothing out there so I told my sister that morning that I seen a black panther in the living room and that’s why I told u not to go to the living room she replied you just had a nightmare and I think it meant more too me just don’t know what????

  3. Hello. I had the most peaceful and beautiful black panther come to me in my dreams and live with me as a pet. He/she was so loving and affection it. I was fearful in the beginning but by the end of the dream we were the best of friends.
    What does this mean?

  4. I had a dream that i was in some weird tunnle like woodys area where there were cougars around and a black panther i was scared but the panther came up and licked me what does that mean

  5. Hello.
    I have had a dream about panthers for as long as i can remember.
    In my dream i am petrified of them, its beyond fear. People i love are either on their way home or outside near where the panther is.
    Or I’m by myself. I cant always see it but I know its there following me. It never runs it’s just there. Always waiting for me.