Pig in Dreams

Pigs are generally smart animals associated with indulgence. Dreaming about pigs is an indication or reinforcement your current success in business life and opportunities. Go pamper yourself with a night out in the town for the overall positive dream of pigs.

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7 thoughts on “Pig in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream I was in this not my house, and I went into the bead room to see a friend, the room was so dirty and there was a little pig in the bath room dead and a little dead pig right out side the bath room door what do this mean

  2. I had a dream the other night of a dead pig that was skinned. Someone was slicing the pig exactly in half verticaaly down the center of the pig with a huge knife. It was not bloody or anything just a clean slice that seperated the dead pig in half. I had a very similar dream years ago of a dead tiger, it was not skinned though, being sliced in half in the exact same way. I can’t get the image of the pig out of my mind and the dream was a few days ago. Anyone have any insight on what this could possibly mean?

    1. I’m hust wondering if you got any respond on you post, i had a similar dream, with a pig getting hack upside in half while haging upside down.

  3. So I had this disturbing dream about a dead pig…I walk into my bedroom and there’s a dead pig on my bed. As I get closer I notice that the animal is slaughtered and its blood is covering the floor, in fact there is so much blood that my feet are sticky, there are also swarms of flies…I feel sick and I wake up…My dream was so vivid that I still can smell the blood and have periodical flash backs…is this a bad omen ?

    1. EVERY time I have a nightmare about having to slaughter a pig my daughter (under 2yrs old) wakes up screaming bloody murder. If I slaughter it, my daughter will cry herself back to sleep, but if I let it live she will need a good while and effort to go back to sleep.