Rabbit in Dreams

Dreaming about rabbits is an indication of great love and friendship. The relationships you have are many and strong. This leads to business ventures that will succeed from faithful partnerships.

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2 thoughts on “Rabbit in Dreams”

  1. asalam ale o kum,
    i dreamed i was travellin in bus like m on a college excurssion.there on my right is a basket with three cute white rabbits.when i or sm odr persn tries to catch them one of those runs n disappeares at d back of bus.then from behind a guy flies pigeons towards me which are white with beautiful colored spots on ’em n dy seem to b tamed 4 dy donot try to fly away.kindly interpret thz dream for me.

  2. Assalam u alaikum .. I had a dream in which I see myself in a forest by a nearby campfire where a man hunts for rabbit n then circumcise it by removing its genitals and showing me… And then stitching it back with all the blood left inside… Kindly let me know the meaning of this dream.
    Thanks and regards