Red Wolf in Dreams

Dreaming of a red wolf means you are fierce and determined at attaining your goals. Anyone who has tried to keep you grounded meets your growl and backs down from the confrontation. The red wolf bestows your ancestral spirits upon you to help you along the way of greatness.

To solidify the relationship between you and the dream, seek out a red wolf pelt and carry it with you always.

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5 thoughts on “Red Wolf in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream the other night and I can’t figure out what it means. In my dream, I was with a group of people in a public area by a lake during a bright sunny day. Me and a few others decided to walk down a wooded, gravel bedded trail. The sun shines through the alders and occasionally touched the forest floor. I suddenly found myself alone. Up ahead was a bend in the trail and a massive Red Wolf was in the middle of the trail staring at me. I stared back at him with silence. He shortly after looked away and walked off the trail into the woods. Afterwards I turned around and began walking back to the park. I then woke up. What on Earth does this Red Wolf represent!?

  2. well, this was interesting, but I dreamt a red wolf attacking me in my back yard. this was awhile ago.

  3. Had a dream where I was out in the woods when a red wolf appeared out of some bushes and was on the other side of a clearing that I was in that it just was staring at me while walking , then it ran away.

  4. It was nightfall. I was walking along in an eerie quiet neighborhood. Out of nowhere i saw a big black wolf glaring at me. He had electric green eyes. He growled and began running towards me to kill. I screamed and before he reached me this big red wolf appeared, (almost like the wolves out of Twilight) and he jumped in front of me so quickly protecting me, just in the knick of time. The black wolf became lost in the night defeated .After the encounter the red wolf turned to face me. He had a knashing mouth and vicious bright yellow eyes. The burning eyes softened and dulled to a strange amber color when he met my gaze. Then he seemed to talk to me in my head like , your under attack, its ok,what r u doing to yourself.
    Then I woke up.
    Lol. Weird huh

  5. Me and friends are playing some field hockey-like game when a red wolf appears. I try to walk away slowly, while it is distracted with the others, but it sees me and chases me! It is determined to attack me and no one else. (not the first time i’ve dreamt of red wolves attacking me)