Sea Shells in Dreams

Seeing sea shells in your dream is equivalent to wearing a mask. You tend to hide behind a facade that obscures you true emotions due to your need to protect yourself from potential harm. Sea shells were once the abode and protecting layer to some marine animals. After being discarded, they wash up on the shore, no longer of use to them. Thus, to dream about sea shells may be an indicator that you will find a great treasure amongst the discarded rubble in life.

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20 thoughts on “Sea Shells in Dreams”

  1. Hi, I had a dream about shells and white shining less stones , they made a some sounds in my dream after that my brother stand in front of my bed and he tried to kill me with extreme angr & with wide open eyes , Suddenly I woke up . Next day I told to my mother,she replied it was a symptoms of black magic . Is it true ??.

  2. Hi, I had a dream about shells and white shining less stones , they made a some sounds in my dream after that my brother stand in front of my bed and he tried to kill me with extreme angr & with wide open eyes , Suddenly I woke up . Next day I told to my mother,she replied it was a symptoms of black magic . Is it true ??

  3. Hi there, I wonder if you can help me interpret this dream, particularly the sea shell component:
    I dreamt that I was at a beach during the day. The sea was clear and blue, some waves but not too big. The sand was yellow. It was tropical. There were many people on the beach but not lying down and bathing, instead busy with some kind of event. It was crowded, but I didn’t interact with anyone there. My romantic partner (in real life) was there. I wanted to walk with him down to the other end of the beach. But he wanted to walk with a friend of his up the bank, through the bush, on a different route out of sight and not with me. I couldn’t understand why he would choose the long illogical route with someone else instead of the straightforward route with me. This made me sad and anxious. As I was walking by myself I discovered the most beautiful, enormous exotic shells. They were all perfectly intact. I was very amazed and excited by these shells. I began picking them up, washing them off and collecting them. Some were just poking out from the sand, mostly buried. Others were exposed in shallow water. Inside one of them however, there was something that looked mildly disturbing, a kind of worm or baby sea snake. I left that shell behind.

  4. in my dream looking out of the windowof a room a boy shows me a bag of seashells, clams, starfish etc.
    What does this mean ??

  5. I dream that I took a pregnancy test, while awaiting the results I saw the test on the left side and two shells on the right. One shell was pink and the other was blue.

  6. In my dream I was sleeping on a bed, my sister shook a blanket off and tiny bits of seashell pieces fell onto my head were I was pulling long ones out of my skull, I was crying in my dream of pain. It was scary

  7. In my dream my skin turned into millions of tiny shells. They were stuck into my skin and I kept peeling them off but new ones kept growing on top of them. It was a nightmare

  8. Hello I had a dream I was by or on a beach and found massive shells they kind of looked like scalloped but were wampum shells rich in deep purple just beautiful. I had so many. What does that mean?

  9. Feb/8/17 Last night I drempt I was in San Francisco walking with a girlfriend, trying to find a motel. We were visiting from out of town. It looked very different, more like West Hollywood though. This young black guy came along and told us he could get us a place to stay. We followed him and he walked out with two brown horses, 2 other women joined us and 2 more horses appeared for them. Everyone saddled up and rode off, but I just walked my horse and let them go ahead, I wasn’t worried I’d lose sight of them, and I was able to keep up by walking and when they were about a half a block ahead of me I looked behind me and saw 4 riderless beautiful white horses, they were bare and natural with long flowing manes and tails. They were brave and strong and happy. They loped passed me and past my friend ahead and the group. When I caught up to everyone at the end of the block waiting for me, the horses were gone. We all went down another block where there were nice houses and well kept lawns, and we walked up a driveway and stood at the back of a short line of people waiting to get in to see a woman about a place to stay. , then we got into her house and still in line, waited in the hall, finally we got to her room. She was a black middle-aged slightly plump woman who sat on her bed. She handed the black man an address. We were then in West Hollywood on St. Monica Blvd. (my old stomping grounds) but it was a bit different. We found the place to stay. It was like a boarding house in someone’s home. They showed my friend and I to our room, I changed my clothes and my friend was pouring a bath. I started to brush my teeth because we were going somewhere. I found a separate Bathroom, it was very large and old fashioned, it had a large chair where the toilet was suppose to be, but no toilet. Then I saw another door and it open into a room with a large standing oval (almost alien looking toilet made of, and covered with Seashells), a real work of art. I wanted to use it, but there was a young light skinned black woman standing there in a light blue 1950’s cotton day dress. She was thin and wore dark red rimmed cat eye glasses. She smiled at me, and I could see she was standing by an Ironing board with a metal bowl on it filled with wrapped up damp pieces of clothing that she was going to iron. She said she could leave if I needed to use the room. I woke up.

  10. Lia: i am dreaming more shells in the sea shore ….what was the real meaning of this …in relation of my life what does it mean ?

  11. I had a dream that my big toenails were seashells. They fell off and sand and other shells came out of them and my toenails were sand as well.

  12. Shells i found was from kind of a lake/ pool but dirty kind water that you wouldn’t want to swim in. Some how i pulled out 3 beautiful shells kind of copper colour but they were extremely large as a tray . I thought of using them as center piece in my dream.

  13. The shells I found were beautiful and unique. They certainly felt like treasures. It was a beautiful sunshiney day. Sand was pretty. Felt positive.

  14. I had a dream that I was riding my bicycle for a very long time with my dead German shepherd by my side until we reached the beach. We ended up going into the water but my dog in life didn’t enjoy water so she was hesitant. I let her drink the salt water and we headed back toward the shore. When I got closer toward the shore I found a clear box full of sea shells. But one stuck out more than all the others and it was a white and black beautiful polished shell that had a pointed top. There were also people in the dream I didn’t know but I was talking to them. I also found a leash for my German shepherd.
    In the dream I was thinking when I found the sea shell, I’ve been looking for this and I was really delighted.

  15. I had a dream I was shopping for green hot peppers. I found a large sized one and inside of it was a sea shell. Not an oyster shell but the bumpy ones you step on when on the beach.

  16. I had a dream i opened my mouth and stuck to my teeth were a load of sea shells all shapes and colours . Like they were a part of my teeth

  17. I dreamt that I found large sea shells next to a building. I picked them up to take them and found 2 snakes under them. One seemed dead and the other ended up on me and bite me.