Skunk in Dreams

It is very rare to dream about skunks because humans do not often come into contact with this wild forest creature. However, to see a skunk in a dream means that people tend to avoid you at all cost. It has nothing to do with the literal sense that you stink, but just the action not wanting to associate with you.

Realize your faults early; otherwise be content to continue living as a loner.

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5 thoughts on “Skunk in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that i was sitting at church and i happen to look back and to my left i notice this lady that looked Familiar. I looked back at her and her hair changed color from a purple pink to blue and that is when i noticed she was petting a skunk. First i thought it was a cat but as the skunk turned i could see its skunk markings. As i was still trying to make since of this lady. Almost like i was distracted by her face and her. I was like did her hair really just change color. As im looking at her the skunk starts to spray but only little sprays at first kind of like an automatic air freshener sprayer. Not too many people notice only a few but they didnt know where it was coming from. The skunk continued to spray as i stood up another person started gagging, another coughing. I wanted to get the skunk out without anyone noticing or causing a sceen so i walked over by then someone yelled skunk and everyone ran out of the church, yelling and in chaos.

  2. I dreamt that a little skunk was scurrying around my feet and as i walked away it followed after me but when i motioned to shoo it away it would just threaten to spray at me but didn’t. As I ran away it followed after me, to the point that i realized that it was a dream and woke up, but when i went back to sleep, i went right back into the dream and it just continued following me like a pet kitten, then my dream changed into something else when i accepted the presence of the little skunk which still not spray me.

  3. I had a dream that I was being served dinner and a small skunk emerged from beneath my salad.I politely ushered him to a door and he left without event.Earlier in that same day I had bumped into a close friend at a local store whom I had been trying to reach.The next day I was told by that friend that they had actually blocked my number several days before as they had wanted to avoid further contact with me in hope that our relationship would be ultimately severed.

  4. I had a dream i was crossing a road in a buss with friends and we stopped right in the middle of it. When we got out of the buss, the road had dozens of skunks sleeping on their backs, some had a white stomach and the rest were black. We got back in the car and drove over them without hurting them or king them up.
    Please help me understand this dream meaning if possible.
    Thank you

  5. my husband has cancer and is “dying” and people are avoiding us like the “skunks” we are, even though we moved closer to all of our friends and FAMILY. Skunk out!!!