Tarantula in Dreams

Dreams involving tarantulas are omens towards health and prospects. Your health may be devastated by unforeseeable events surrounding your life and personal space. The tarantula will apply entrapment strategies to the target which is you. After the dream, be more aware and cautious in order to protect yourself and love ones.

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43 thoughts on “Tarantula in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of a orange and black tarantula. I had just gotten hired at a pet store when one of the workers put the tarantula in my hands. Instead of being fearful and dropping it like I would in real life, I was calm, almost like it was normal to me. The worker told me that the tarantula was a girl and she was named Queen. I had her for a while until I tried to put her down and she wouldn’t leave, almost like how a dog would jump in your lap when wanted to be held, the tarantula would jump and cling onto my shirt and I just thought it was cute so I held her a little bit longer.

    Next thing I knew, I woke up.

  2. I dreamt that 2 black tarantulas appeared before me while I was sitting on the floor. All of a sudden one of the tarantulas jumped on my chest and crawled on to my back I rolled around the floor as if I was trying to smash it with my the weight of my body; then I recall thinking what if it bites me… and I woke up.

  3. i dreamed of catching a black and orange tarantula balck at the back and orange at the front.afer i caught it it got out but then i managed to catch it again by picking it up it tried to bite me but then calmed down my ex partner was with me in the dream then i woke up.

  4. I just had a dream that a black tarantula was crawling on the wall close to the ceiling at some house. My step mom and brother tried to point it out to me. Telling me not to move. They were going to try to kill it. When I finally saw the spider, it almost immediately jumped to the floor about 4 feet in front of me. Then immediate lunged at me. Right before it could touch me, I woke up.

    Right before this dream I woke up from another dream in which I woke up telling the universe that I was listening to my angels. I do not remember that dream though.

  5. I had a dream, on two separate occasions in my dream a tarantula came from out of nowhere, ran across the ceiling, jumped down to floor and back through another room and exits to the same place. However the second time seeing it, my sister whom has been very ill, tried to step on it, but I jumped up to stop her, and then watched it run away again….please help me interpret this….

  6. I had a dream me and my brother killed a big pile of red tarantulas, and I walked away from my brother and the tarantulas were crawling on me, and I just started picking them off of me but I wasn’t scared, and a tarantula crawled up my back and sank it’s fangs into my back. What does it mean? Thanks

  7. in my dream there is a woman who keeps treading on tarantulas, i find them all over her house, this does not frighten me in the dream but i do feel uncomfortable. the spiders are black and yellow and im trying to get out of the house to get away from her and them, what does this mean please?

  8. My dream is murky in my mind now. However, I was walking with someone – it could have been my sister or mother, I can’t remember. We were walking down a dark hallway in our house, but it wasn’t our house. And walking past an open door there were two huge black tarantulas walking towards us. I remember feeling creepy but we just kept walking and they didn’t chase us.

  9. In my dream I found a Tarantula upside down on the fridge then it started to move and my mom was cooking near it and my dad was standing next to her. I told my parents it was moving so my dad decided to be funny and say it wasn’t and it fell on the ground so he stepped away and my mom was stepping on the Tarantula’s leg and I told her she was stepping on it so she moved. Then we all moved away and we were trying to get on the counters. That’s when I woke up…

  10. My dream began with me in a group of people I loved and laughing and just feeling happy, all of a sudden a tarantula comes down on a web and rears up in front of my face on the web and doesn’t move. Then I feel a second one fall onto the back of my neck, (I don’t like spiders so I cringed my neck) I keep my neck kinked up and slowly move and asked someone to get it off. A hand comes out and sweeps it off of me. No idea who the hand belonged too. And then I woke up. The dream felt very real.

  11. Hello
    Last night I dreamed like someone was chasing me and I accidentally felt like the floor broke and I felt like into a huge cage box looking thing it broke and a black hairy spider kept jumping on me I would take and throw away but she kept coming back

  12. In my dream i had a huge tarantula on my back it didnt move just sat there covering the whole of my back until someone took it off! When it ran away it turned into a ficious tabby cat???

  13. Dreamed of a rain storm and I was sitting on a porch and the wind and rain knocked a large nest down out of the loft of porch ceiling. I looked to see what was in the nest as I proceeded to do so 5 Tarantulas came crawling I was afraid I was going to be bitten but they were not aggressive at all and I walked by them with no injury.

  14. I had a dream about being in a classroom with my classmates. I saw a tarantula crawling on the wall. it got to the floor and started walking or crawling.. and I was a little afraid. someone else in the class killed it to save me. what does this mean?

  15. I had a dream that I had a pack of baby wipes, going to a friend’s door to drop them off. A black tranautla came charging at me. I ran away to the bottom of the steps, but the tranautla kept coming until I tried to kill it with the package. It then ran away and then a rat came out to try and attack me. My friends door then opened and then I woke up.

  16. I had a dream that I had a pet tarantula and as I opened the lid. Hr got out of his cage, ran away from me and jumped into the hair of a like girl ( I did not recognize) who was laying on her stomach coloring in a coloring book..

  17. This is the second time I dream about my brother (19) and that we have a pet tarantula, but last night I dreamt that it escaped and he tried to catch it but it bit him and then he killed it after but he did not get poisoned by it. Later on in that dream we were swimming in a dirty pool.

  18. I had. Dream last night of tarantulas the first one I saw was a big fray hairy one then the rest became loads of small black ones with different colours I remember seeing the grey one then two black ones one which had red and the other orange specks on them, the spiders were everywhere and coming stuck to me I remember one being stuck to my foot and was hard to get off like I was velcrow matireal that’s the only way I can explain it, does anyone know what this means

  19. Last night had dream huge furry clingy trantulas crawling on me could get them off me. Woke up, went back to sleep and had same dream. What does that mean? Second dream a female trantula on side of my head spoke to me. Said Jen, you have a very good heart. I woke up again…finally fell asleep did to have dream third time

  20. My dream involved a box strung with webs I found while exploring an abandoned building. There was a ‘nest’ that had several spiders. A couple jumping spiders, a black widow I believe and two tarantulas. I wasn’t scared or terrified just watched them for a bit then one of the tarantulas started climbing out o the box towards me. Just sat there on one flap and stared. Then I woke up.

  21. I dreamed lately of two tarantulas coming from behind a plant we have in our house after seeing it I experienced fear and disgust suddenly my father and I sold them somewhere near a ship each for 870 thousand dollars. It was a happy ending though we became millionaires.

  22. My mother has 2 tarantulas. I am staying with her and although I find them creepy, I have come to appreciate them and even give them food and water sometimes. I had a disturbing dream about them last night. They were unusually active and I just knew they were hungry. I tried giving them water but it was like they were telling me it wasn’t good enough. I tried to catch them some crickets but I couldn’t. The thought occurred to me that my cat was probably an amazing meal for a tarantula and it seemed totally reasonable so I put my cat in their cage. I changed my mind almost instantly like a spell was broken and I realized what I had done, but it was too late, she had been bitten. The dream ended there but I bothered me so much that I felt a little guilty. I told my mom about it and as soon as I started she told me she was sorry that I had that dream because she always has a similar dream when they are hungry. I know it sounds crazy but it just feels like it makes sense. Its like they are telepathically communicating with those they rely on. And that they recognize my cat as food, which is really creepy. Has anyone else ever heard of anything like this or had any similar experiences?

  23. in my dream my brother unexpectedly visited me in my apartment and gave me a gift which is a palm size black tarantula | my feelings in that dream is im a bit scared but is happy and excited as i love exotic pets | its just odd that it jump at my back as if it has grown to like me right away then it crawled down and even on my private (you know) up to my belly then i took it and hid it under the stares while looking for a small glass container to put it | it looks so tamed though | then i walked out of my apartment and saw and hug my girlfriend who is waiting for me outside | i’d like to get a response on my email |

  24. I had a dream not to long ago, a trantula BIG and gray. It looked ao nice and wouldnt bite me. Then all the sudden something came over me and I got so afraidI triede to let it go but it wouldnt leave. Then I tried to scream and nothing came out, and I felt paralized.

  25. I was at a camp site in the desert, and someone was showing me a double tailed scorpion. It kept trying to sting me, and yet I wanted to hold it. Then there was a small tarantula that was scared and kept trying to run away but the people around me wanted to catch it. And next to my feet hiding was another tarantula it was half the size of my foot, and it kept trying to hide under my foot because it was scared. Then when I looked up the small tarantula was caught and it was fed to the double tailed scorpion which stung it over and over again, and appeared to be torturing it before it ate it. Not sure how to view that dream.

  26. I dreamed I moved into a new apartment and my roommate was a old guy friend we were talking and out of nowhere a tarantula with big eyes was crawling on my leg I got scared and I was going to flick him off but instead gave him to my guy friend then the tarantula jumped away n lookd at me and went away

  27. I had a dream where I saw a tranacula but the hind part was moving and vibrating like a flying insect and making a buzzing or humming noise. It’s head was turned into a plant. Eventually I saw the whole spider with furry legs etc and knew what it was for sure. Got that it was my sister. I have had another dream in which a white police van parked across the top of the road to block traffic. I ran toward them as I recognized that it was my sister and brother in law only to see that they had rifles and were hunting me down. Think there is a message from my subconscious?

  28. I just had a dream that i was in a room full of small and big tarantulas. I couldnt move but i was moving my feet trying not to step on them.

  29. I had a dream I was in my room and I felt itchy all over, then I see a huge tranacula walk on my bed with a baby tranacula. I member I screamed and my dad came but he couldn’t find it. What does it mean?

  30. I had a dream that I was walking around a tree and there was a hole in the tree in that hole was a tarantula with its back towards me,however it was big!I told a family member to get back because the tree had a tarantula in it. We started to run away from the tree as if the tarantula was chasing us just to see that we were trying to enter the house and the wall to the entrance was fool of tarantulas we yelled to my mother that we couldn’t get in and all she did was open the screen door and slammed it against the wall and smudge them dead.what does that mean?!

  31. I dreamt my high school classmates and I were on some Geograpy field trip amd I was trying to explain to them about how I have this wierd kind of arachniphobia where I’m freaked out by little spiders but don’t really mind the larger ones, tarantulas in particular. They didn’t believe me. Later I got separated from my group and I stumbled upon a tarantula’s hole. Sure enough it was occupied and to prove to my friends what I said was true, I put the thing in my pocket, which wasn’t the brightest idea by the way, and when I got home, I assembled my friends in my yard to show them my little captive. I reached into my pocket and the disturbance caused the tarantula to bite into my thigh. I pulled it off and gave it to one of my friends, who accidentally pulled it’s head off. I actually felt sorry for the poor thing. Oddly enough when I woke up the skin around the area where the tarantula had bitten me in my dream was all red and itchy. So what does this mean?

  32. I dreamt I saw a huge black furry tarantula in a vase up high, I had managed to trape it. But it was too high and with every moment It was slipping and about to fall over. I was trying so bad to talk in my dream but could not, was so scared nothing would come out. Just then My brother walked into the room and tapped me. The vase fell and I woke up. What does that mean?

  33. i had this dream that i was cleaming a lights on the ceilling for spiders web. i did not seen none. but i seen a big black & yellow diamonds shape on its head. it was a tarantula i seen two of them. the one in the light fall on the foor and the either on the table. i was not scare at all. but i did in joy of looking at them.they were so pretty to look at. i heard that if you dreams of spiders it means good luck is this ture. if not what does it means.

  34. I dreamt I went to visit a friend, I sat on the table and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my right arm. I started itching then saw 2 huge red spots on my arm. After much time I saw a tarantula stuck on my pinki and ring finger on the palm side and my hand in front was covered with scales. After much shaking, the spider slowly releases its grip and falls to the floor taking off the scale and leaving a lot of slime. I then put the spider in a jug-like plastic container, it got mad and tried fighting its way out, sticking its fangs in the lid, spitting poison and blood all in the container (which it had obviously been sucking out from me).

  35. I walk up to a old house were I saw a spider(tarantula) that had kill a rat and then the spider put down the rat and started chaseing me the spider jump on my leg I didn’t want to kill the sipder so kock the spider off back into its web the spider jumped back out the web and started chaseing me again I ran undersome trees and more webs and the spider was their I tried to step on it before it bit me but couldn’t so I got a peace of wood an hit the spider it didn’t kill it but was dyeing an then I woke up

  36. I ahd a dream last night that I was holding my boyfriends pet tarantula, and she was trying to get out of a small see through box, she popped the lid off and she fell onto my hands, and was trying to run away (very fast) and I didnt want to let go because I know in real life if thet fall from a heigh they die because of their large abdomen, so instead I was calling out for help but as someoe came to help she had bit me twice on the middle finger leaving four small bleeding holes, I could feel her biting in the dream, and woke up suddenly with pain in my arm. luckily the real tarantula was safely in her viv!

  37. I also dreamt of baby blue tarantula. I was walking on The beach with some people either my family or some others. I decided to do a bit of free climbing on this rock situated by its self shadowedby the cliff. I put my fingers in the gaps in the rock and was working my way round it. We call it bouldering. I was deciding where to place next move inserting my fingers in different spaces in the rock when suddenly I was startled by this blue tarantula thinking he must have lived there. I got down and went to tell every one. Then went back . It got out of the rock and started to Chase me. As I ran it grew it was enormous and grew a tail more like a scorpion as I fought it some how there was a second baby blue tarantula giant but not as big as the first scuttling around me.

  38. I dreamt I was resting in a bed with a plain white fitted sheet, and I sat up. The bed was against the wall and I saw spiders near where my head had been. Against the wall were a couple daddy long legs, I was not scared. In the corner were two large black widows. I was aware of their dangerous potential and a little creeped out. Right above my head was a large, furry tarantula. It was baby blue and white with dark blue eyes, except one, the second left one had a foggy dark green swarming in it. I looked across the room and there were two spider webs in the center and two spiders (daddy long legs) and my brother was sleeping below one web and my Dad was sleeping behind the other near the other wall. I asked them why they didn’t knock the webs down. I looked at the baby blue tarantula and commented that it was actually almost cute and that I wondered what it would feel like to pet it. Instantly, its eyes focused on me, especially the green swarming one, and it seemed to crouch. I became a little frightened and asked aloud if it could jump, then decided to focus on something else so it would not attack me. That’s the gist of it. What does this weird dream mean?

  39. I dreamt a tarantula kept looking for me I felt that it was in the dream I felt it crawling on my back it bit me but nothing happened, in the dream I knew I’m suppose to die if a tarantula bit me but I didn’t I even thought it bit me again in the dream, I was so afraid because I was trying to run away from it and it still bit me twice or at least I think so I awoke now I’m confused. Help pls.

  40. I had a deam that it was very confusing but at the end, this lady walks up to as i was out side walking away from the beging of kind of an othe dream. she had this open dish it looked like thin crystal that tarantulars live on, sat it on a table out side in font of me. I am very scared of spiders but wasn’t at fist, because I was just looking at how weird she was. Well as the spiders were walking around they got on my back. I tried to be nice and tell her ok got to go can you get your spiders, and than I started to get freaked out and woke up.