Vicious Dog in Dreams

Dreaming of a vicious dog signifies your inner conflict involving betrayal and lost of trust. When it barks, it could mean a response to unfriendly companions and surroundings. Learn to seek out the people or situation that tend to turn your stomach inside out and confront them, in order to pacify the vicious barking dog in you.

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9 thoughts on “Vicious Dog in Dreams”

  1. In one night I had this one dream over and over. Awakening me in fast heartbeats each time. A vicious dog in front of my apartment attacks me bite my arm. Able to get away and run in the house but I can’t get out the door/house to get help. No phone and no one helping me

  2. I dreamt that I caught my long term boy friend sleeping with another woman. He told me to leave the room because he wasn’t going to stop. I slapped him and his face morphed into a large growling Rottweiler head. Looking me in the eye with teeth showing. I ran and tried to text an old crush (haven’t thought of him in over 10 years) but couldn’t get ahold of him. So i wandered the streets alone after dark.

  3. I drempt of my german shepherd was being vicious with me. He sat on the steps and growled with his teeth showing, then he was barking at everyone. But then I was sitting in a chair and he was right at my neck being vicious and I was afraid he was going to attack. My boyfriend or former husband not sure who anymore, was just sitting there doing nothing. Then I woke up.

  4. I had a dream that vicious dogs was trying to attack me but the guy that I’m dating was throwing the dogs so they wouldn’t attack me…. What does that mean please!!!!!

    1. Means your partner loves you but other people want to try and break the relationship or cause problems between yourselves. If you have hurt anyone try to make it up with them.

  5. I had a dream about packs after packs of dog snarling and viciously running after me and other random people with me, and these people were so scared that they depend on what I do, in my dream I uttered a fervent prayer “in Jesus name, stay away!” and the dogs turned their back on us, but as we walked along, dogs keep coming and I keep uttering the same line…we reached our destination after climbing a steep ravine.

  6. its very ovious dreams of dogs are very prophetic …by the way forgive my spelling errors anyway regarding this dog imagine in real life rather then a dog a person who is following , stalking you and or watching ur moves n being behind u but when the agressor comes to bite u and hurt u u are safe in your house safe in knowing who u are where u are and u stand on your own maybe alittle frightened but u rise above unharmed notice the dog didnt atack u all it did was bark specially when u where in your safe house they say in spanish ” perro que ladra no muerde ” dog that barks dont bite . so be alert to your situations and try to examine the meaning and the feeling within your dreams everything will be okay 4 u need not wory u will handle the situation just fine

  7. I had a dream that I was walking a friend home, and after walking them to the road to their home and standing watching them walk to their house, I saw a dog standing from up the road looking at me. I began to walk slowly to my house which was not far and the dog walked slowly behind me but with a distance, I continue to walk a little faster and the dog did the same, when I got home and entered my house, the dog ran up to the door where I had just entered and jumped and barked viciously once at me, turned and walked away. What can this mean? I know I have some trust issues with the same friend.