Walrus in Dreams

When you dream of a walrus, you are content with being top dog and dominating over situations and relationships. There will be people close to you that hate you for the hoarding of power and position. However, you will continue to put them in their place with your overwhelming strength and power that comes with your fortuitous wealth.

In relationships, you prefer to date anyone you please and not held to the same standards of seeing only one person at a time.

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One thought on “Walrus in Dreams”

  1. in my dream me and a few friends were on an island house . then we startd seeing big waves and they were crashing into the house and we were stranded there. then i was married to someone, then i preyed to ishua ( which i am not jewish or hebrew)that he would calm the waters, then me and the man had sex in the water with our friends watching. after that me and him decided we were gunna swim across the big waters together to find help. while swimming we came across alot of spikey water shrubbs and peeking underneath we saw a giant walrus so we tried to swim faster and got away from it but then we were in open water and had to swim faster to escape crocodiles (i dnt even know if they live in the same habitats lol) then we got to the land and came up on a big plank of stairs. then natives started shooting aarows at us even after i said we came in peace. what does that meen?