Wild Dog in Dreams

Dreaming of a wild dog means you have fears of being attacked or bitten. The attack can come in the form of any animal or mammal. You envision being chased from different directions and whether you escape without injuries or get caught depends on how you manage life in the waking hours.

If you are always avoiding problems, you will get caught. And vice versa if you normally confront all your troubles, then you will escape without injuries.

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4 thoughts on “Wild Dog in Dreams”

  1. hello my name is charlotte. I have had 2 dreams about wild hogs. The most recent is today, let me explain okay it was me and my 3 children boys age 9, 13, and 17. I don’t know where we were but they were trying to attack us. The place in the dream was like a road, but had a ditch and it was muddy. I told my kids. Its 3 of us and 3 of them. We had sticks. We were trying everything. We threw bottles whatever was on the ground. We ended up in the ditch. The mud was so soft it was hard to get back up on the paved road. Please help me understand. I am a Christian, and the bible say demons. I just need a understanding. Thanks

  2. Ok, i had a dream that i was a yellow spotted wild dog w/ brown and black splotches and i was with my best friend, also a wild dog. we were captured by this basically universal “Bad guy” (like a dogcatcher) and herded along w/ more animals to a gym. i felt like this bad guy had me trapped, like a pig in a slaughterhouse, and i wasn’t getting out alive. Suddenly, a door opened and me along with about 1 fourth of the group ran and escaped. but suddenly i was back with the other 3/4ths of the animals and the exact same thing happened 3 times until i was back for the 4rth group. the bad guy (finally) caught on to us escaping and had us trapped at gunpoint. i froze and suddenly felt like i was the only person there. somehow i squeezed through a side door and escaped and then i woke up. The image of the wild dog was so clear in my mind. Please tell me what it means!!! And thank you in advance.

  3. i’ve dreamed that i went out of school and returned in my old house that i used to live in, in the road i saw a dead tiger then when i went in the flat (my old house is a department) i was claiming the steers then i saw my little brother chased by dogs they started biting him, my sister was with some strange girls one is a blond, i shouted at her to save him and she went in and attacked the dogs,
    my mum came she hold my brother he was all bitten from his right leg! and my sister was dead!
    i screamed then fainted
    then i woke up…..

    1. I am a Christian. I would suggest you pray for covering and protection by the Blood of Jesus. Talk to Jesus and let His presence be your shield. I know that dogs represent the spirit of Jazabel. It is a spirit often involves sexual immorality and disregards authority. It is a spirit that can get into someone particularly when they are not protected by Alone of Jesus. Just pray for yourself or go to a nearby Church and request to be prayed for particularly for protection for you family. However, some dreams appear due to an activity during the day that was registered in the subconscious. You need not worry about dreams, take the message when necessary and know what to do. Also satan is well know of bringing dreams that are not from God. So discard those, pray and it shall be well. Be at peace!