Wolf in Dreams

Seeing a wolf in your dream represents power and pack leadership through assertive actions. You have the ability to thrive in the toughest of situations and others depend on your expert services. Enemies fear your fangs and are rarely a match when they fight directly with you. Always coming away bloodied in battle, your opponents will never dare to challenge your leadership again.

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131 thoughts on “Wolf in Dreams”

  1. I’m sorry this is long and it changes but i’m extremely curious or what it was trying to tell me. Sorry if this isn’t what is suppose to be sent.

    I had a dream earlier today where a large group of people and me were walking up a large hill and when we got to the top we all stopped and i saw a beautiful female wolf and I walked over to her and it looked like she was tied up and sad but after i got over to her she started to smile very faintly until after I let her sniff my hand and then she let me pet her. She was frightened at first but then she smiled quite a large smile when I started petting her but if anyone else tried she went back frowning until I pet her again. Then the large group and I went back down the hill because an emergency came up and as we were going back down the instructor or teacher explained that there was a ghoul infestation down in the church at the bottom of the hill and when we got down to the bottom of the hill and the church looked like one in my town, which I’ve never been in only pasted it and we went inside cause we had to clear out the ghouls with only our hands and no weapons. I was first in and started fighting a ghoul as soon as i got inside the door with my bear hands.

  2. I had a pack of a 1000 wolves in my dream. I was riding my riding my bicycle in a unknown land. The grass was green and the air smell of pine cones. I ride my bike up to a man and his child to ask for directions. I asked him can I go through the mountains to get to Gary. The man reply and said I can go through the mountains but their is a pack of a 1000 wolves in those mountains. The wolves came out from the mountain just as the man finish speaking. The child and the man vanish just as the wolves attacked my limps. The strange feeling about this experience is I did not feel scare. The wolves were biting me but no blood escape my body. I calmly took my sword out and clopped the heads off of the wolves right before I was waked from my dream.

  3. In my dream, I just woken up to start my day. I go downstairs open my garage door and see that the main garage door had been open to let some of the water dry out on the floor from the rain. In our backyard with have a lot trees and bamboos as I looked I see a black wolf walk by closer towards the trees I close the door but had some difficulty closing it, when it finally closed I went to tell my mom that I saw a wolf she didn’t believe me and thought I was seeing like a dog. I looked to see if my German Shepard Nick show it but instead he has like this mean look teeth showing and all. and I wake up

  4. A couple of years back, I had a dream about a friend, a wolf. In my dream, I was lost. I was freezing in the winter. It was dark and I was near the highway. A wolf came out of the woods. He looked at me. I felt like, he knew something, something special. He turned around and walked a little. He looked back at me and thruster his head towards the way he was walking. He wanted me to follow. As we walked, I noticed familiar roads and paths. He was guiding me home! But, he collapsed on the ground. He was hurt and he was dieing. I picked him up and continued walking. I knew where to go now. I wanted to take him home and to the Vet. Soon, I was too weak and cold. I fell to the ground. I was so close to home! I laid my head on my friend. I felt his soul leave his body and I cried into him. After many hours, I saw a bright light. I was rescued. I opened my eyes and saw my friend for the last time. I reopened my eyes again and I was with my family. I was happy. I missed my friend terribly. But, if it weren’t for him, I’d be dead…

    I remember when my dog, Alfie died. It was the first time I encountered death. At age 6. Alfie collapsed during his walk and he died not long after. I am happy, today. Surrounded by family. And I still miss Alfie. Does Alfie have something to do with my dream?

  5. I had a dream my husband and dog (golden retriever) were playing in our back yard, I was on the deck about to go play with them..I see a wolf (white/gray wolf) on our hill (we have a four hundred foot hill with woods in our back yard that is a green belt), and slinking up to us, I yell to my husband to come inside with the dog…the wolf runs down the hill and when it looks like it is going to attack, he starts playing with our dog. they are running around, play fighting. the wolf comes up to my husband and I and lays down, belly up for belly rubs, plays with us for a bit. then in a poof. he disappears. That’s when I woke up with my dog nosing my hand for a pet.

  6. i had a dream i was setting on a log. in the moon light a wolf walked up to me. i was scared at first then a cherokee indian cheef walked up to me he told me dont be afraed of the wolf. when i went to speek to the cheef to ask him a quastun. he anserd me befor it came out of my mouth. the cheef told me i was wize and it was ok to tought the wolfs hare. i could not belive that wolf let me peet him. the cheef told me fallow the wolf. it is not safe here the wolf well lead me to saftey. the wolf lead me to saftey and then i awoke up.

  7. When I was 27 years old, I had my last dream about wolves. It was night time. I stopped by my church to make sure the room I taught my Sunday School class was prepared. Instead, I heard a male’s voice say, “Close the door so the sheep don’t get out!” I asked, “Is that you Lord?” because I didn’t see anyone else in the room with me. The male voice said again with urgency, “Lock the door so the sheep don’t get out.” I didn’t understand why those 4 big beautiful sheep were in there, but it was amazing to watch them move in slow motion. Before I left, I heard the male voice say, “Tiaya, Feed my sheep.” I said, ” Ok, Lord.” I heard it again, “Tiaya, Feed my sheep. With sincerity and obedience, I agreed. I quickly closed the door behind me, and I made sure it was locked and secured.

    Instead of returning to my car like I normally did in reality, I walked to the back of the house. I entered and exited from the left side of the house. When I arrived at the right side of the house, I got entangled with a tree that is not there in reality. It took me a long time to loose myself from that tree. As I dusted myself off, I noticed a pack of black wolves were in the front of the house. They weren’t there when I first arrived. I knew I would die if I attempted to run to my car. As I thought about way of escape, one of the wolves spotted me.

    I cried out, “OH! Lord, in the name of Your Son, Jesus, HELP ME!” I looked up just in time to see a lime green staff in the tree above me, which was also in front of the house. (This tree is also not there in reality.) The wolf charged at me with full force. I had a one shot chance: either the wolf was going to get me or I was going to get him. I struck him on the nose with the staff. As I was waking up from the dream, I heard a male’s voice say, “The wolf ate up the Word of God.”

    Out of all the dreams I had, this one concerns me the most because I had 4 young sons at the time when I had this dream.

  8. I arrived at my church. It’s at night. I went to the house a.k.a. The kitchen where I teach Sunday School. I heard a male’s voice say, “Lock the door so the sheep don’t get out!” I didn’t see anyone, so I inquired, “Ok, Is that you Lord?” Once again, he says, “Lock the door behind you so the sheep don’t get out!” I saw 4 big sheep moving real slow. I was sincerely amazed and couldn’t understand why they were there. I did as I was told and locked the door behind me.

    What was unusual, I didn’t go back to the car. I walked around to the back of the house, which would be walking south. Then, I turned to the East. As I continued to walk North to get back to the front, I got entangled in a tree, which isn’t there in reality. It took me a long time to loose myself from that tree. As I finally approached the front of the house, I see a pack of black wolves. I can’t run to my car because all of them will see me. The tree that I see in front of the house isn’t there in reality either.

    My heart was racing. I was there by myself, and I knew I was going to die if I ran to my car. Immediately, I noticed that one wolf spotted me. As he rushed towards me to attack me, I cried out “Oh, LORD, in the name of your Son, Jesus, HELP ME!” I looked up, and I saw a lime green staff in the tree. I grabbed it and knew that I had a one chance deal: either I was going to get the wolf or the wolf was going to get me.

    The wolf charged at me full force, and I struck the wolf with the staff with one blow. As I was waking up from the dream, I heard a male’s voice say, “The wolf ate up the Word of GOD.”

  9. At the age of 18 years old, I heard a disturbing load knocking on the back door. I didn’t understand why they didn’t use the front door. I told my younger sister not to open up the door. Being impatient, the individual said, “How many people are in the house?” I pleaded with my son’s father not to answer the question or answer the door. Then, in anger, they said, “How many children are in the house?” By that time, I was holding onto the door for dear life. I saw a black, big ferocious wolf with red eyes and thick fangs. He was angry with me! He started messing with the door, which was weak already. After awhile, the rattling stopped, my children’s father disappeared. I screamed and ran to the front door because I thought he would let that wolf in. To my surprise, which escalated my fear, my children’s father was on the porch. I saw about 4-5 black and white wolves in the street who where walking towards our direction. I screamed for my son’s father to come inside. He said, “No”. He turned around and was holding a baby wolf. I pleaded with him to put it down because they would kill him. Once again, he told me, “No.” Then, I woke up.

  10. When I was 7 years old, I had a dream that I climbed out of a window to get away from a 16 year cousin who was trying to molest me. I saw two wolves: a white one and a black one. I attempted to pat the white wolf because I believe it was good. It turned on me and tried to kill me. With my dear life and every strength I had, I put the back of my hands together. My palms faced its teeth. Before the wolf had a chance to bite down, I snapped its jaws in half. This killed the wolf. I woke up in terror with my hands in the same position as in the dream. My cousin was trying to molest me in my sleep. Once again, I had to fight like I was in the dream for dear life, and I held on to my vagina with all my might so he wouldn’t enter. I knew it was wrong. This would be the first of more wolf dreams to come.

  11. I had a dream last night that I was back in my old family where I will be going next month to meet his new fiance and her kids and witness their marriage(which will all actually happen in February). As I went to the back porch I opened the door because I heard talking and movement. As I looked out to the left at the neighbors nothing, but when I looked rigt a very tall white wolf with a bushy tail was there with 3 men in a typical hunting outfits. I got scared and went back inside. The wolf saw me but no one else. I then when out the front door to their neighbors house and motion my arms frantically to get the attention of a friend that in real life I am no longer friends with or talk to. She brought her little dog and crawled to the side of the house with me to peek at these people and wolf but my arm hig something and made a noise. One of the men saw us and we ran scared back inside my house. I woke up scared and out of breath with the wolfs face staring at me stuck in my head. Any thoughts would be wonderful

  12. I am in the midst of deciding whether I want to stay with my controlling husband or not. He promises to change, and I am leery to trust him. I am very undecided and am looking forward to being able to be my free self again and not feel like a prisoner. I had a dream last night that we lived in a house out in the county and I was packing my stuff and moving out. I decided to stop on the side of the road, it was dark and in an almond orchard. In the orchard were some wolves, and I was afraid to move around or do anything in fear that the wolves may come get me.

  13. Hoping to get clarity on my dream : I’m sleeping in a bed outside and am surrounded by a pack of wolves ( black and grey ) . Throughout the entire dream – I am fighting to keep them off my bed .

  14. In my dream wolves chase me down and start mawing at my limbs and start tearing them off. Wen i force my self to wake up i stay awake for about 5 to 10 mins and then i fall asleep. But wen i fall asleep the very same dream s3imply picks up where it left off. And i have this dream very often. Also i cant put full force into fight them off. Please tell me wat it means

  15. I dreamt I was surrounded be 100’s of snakes. One was even an anaconda. I had my 40 Glock pistol, but when I would pull the trigger pellets would fall out the gun instead of the hollow point bullets that were loaded in it. As the snakes got closer and closer to me, a very larger scary looking Grey Wolf appeared. I was scared, very scared. The wolf starred at me, and again I reached for my pistol, and this time like the last, pellets oozed out the pistol. By this time the wolf and I are surrounded by snakes, and the anaconda is creeping up on us. The wolf then turns it’s attention to the snakes. The snakes have us surround 360 degrees. And as the wolf and I join back to back, all the snakes retreated. All except the anaconda. I reached for my pistol, and finally the loud bang of my 40 Glock sounded. I shot over the anaconda’s head, it then retreated, like the other snakes.

  16. I was back woods camping as usual I had a semi wake kinda sleep dream. I was under the open window part of the tent when I felt a paw with nails pressed to my head through the tent. I looked up to see a black wolf giving me a warning snarl and deep rumble growl. I closed my eyes again and felt it’s breath on the side of my face. I was so paralyzed with fear I could not move for a long time. When I finally got my husband’s name out It went away. Then bout 5- 10 mins later and I was very much awake, all these wolves or coyotes started singing chorus, yelps, howls, it was very strange. I don’t think there are wolves in this part of the back woods area but coyotes are there. All the same it was a very vivid, in color, pulse racing dream. We have been camping in this place for 15 years, 2 -3 times a year. This is a first for this dream. What is it telling me

  17. I have alot of dreams of a wolf staring right at me like if its ready to attack me being scared then I turn into a wolf and the wolf runs scared I’ve also had dreams of just the eyes of a wolf and its fur is on fire but its in attach mode and I dnt feel scared more like inpowered

  18. Hi,for the past 3 nights I have dreamed that I’m walking through the woods its dark and each night I see a black wolf .he never tries to attack me just wants me to follow him .each night I dream about the black wolf he leads me farther and farther into the woods and I do not fear him .well last night I dreamed of him again and the wolf spoke said do you fear me .”no”” i responded .he growled and showed his teeth and said now do you fear me .”no” i responded once again .im curious to what this dream means

  19. I was walking through the dark when I encountered 2 young and vicious wolves. Growling and snarling at me. For some awkward reason I was not scared at all, I walked right up to them, close enough to touch and stopped for a while, then kept walking, they didn’t attack so I didn’t. Later on in the dream I saw a line wolf, this wolf was black like the other ones but he was extremely old, I could see the age in his fur. It never growled, it just watched me as I walked by. I keep having dreams of black wolves

  20. In my dream I was driving a car. There was a dog and a wolf in front of me and my car hit the dog. I pulled over to the side of the road to try to help. When I got out and approach the dog, the dog got up and began to be protected Buy two wolves. I briefly battled both wolves until they submitted to me, with their heads down and tails between their legs. In the end all three became my pack.

  21. I woke up from the srangest dream… A pack of large black wolves were attacking my house and my family. They got in through the door and attacked me. I then turned into the alpha wolf and all my family tirned into wolves ,i then led the pack!! What does this mean??

  22. Hi. I had a dream that I was with several of my family and we were just standing there in the dark. And I noticed that there was one wolf it was dark like a most common looking wolves. And there was a white wolf they were together but the other wolf looked towards the woods and ran. Cuase I started to get closer to the white wolf. And it came up to me and started growling so I hid behind my family and it was staring at my little sister and she wasn’t scared and it was staring at her for a couple seconds. And then I stopped hiding behind everybody and it started coming towards doing the same thing. And I hid again. And I woke up after that.

  23. My dream was I was biking with my cuzin and brother in a cannon somewhere and it was dusk and all of the sudden we saw a wolf watching us very closely and we started to bike in the opposite direction it started chasing us by the time we realized it we were surrounded but many different wolves different colors and I just felt very scared and alone. I started to bike as fast as I could I felt alone for I could not see my family anywhere the wolves were angry looked like they wanted to hurt me but then under a tree I see a group of people meditating and I ditch my bike and I sit next to them, then to my surprise the wolves followed me under the tree and instead of being agressive they moved through the crowd just wanting to be pet and loved then I felt so much relief I woke up

  24. In my dream I’m sitting in my apartment with a co-worker and the girl we work with. I look out the window and it’s snowing. A huge black scrawny looking wolf walks down the sidewalk in front of my apt. I shout at my co-worker to look. She just catches a glimpse of the wolf. I dart to my bedroom and look out the window. A bunch more wolves are prowling outside my window. I run back and tell my co-worker that there are more out back. I knew that if the wolves had seen me that they would have tried to get to me. Even though they are scrawny looking, I knew that they could break through my windows and door. What all does this mean?

  25. hi im a little girl 11 years old and I had this dream I went to this crazy play this with my family there were rollercoasters going off the edge and into something soft I couldn’t explain what was going on but then I woke up in the middle of the night but I went back to sleep this time there was a blackish blueish and had a spike collar and it was very very very fluffy and it name was wolfy and it would talk to me it protect me and I was allowed to ride on it’s back…. but then I woke up again and then fell asleep my family didn’t believe me that wolfy was real then wolfy appeared and they were surprised very surprise but the last time I got to see wolfy was when I was hugging him then I woke…. I need help what does this mean about wolfy and the rollercoaster?

  26. I keep having this dream where I’m enjoying my day and when I’m alone suddenly I turn and there is this huge black wolf just staring at me. All I feel in that moment is afraid but the wolf doesn’t hurt me. The next dream I had I kept seeing it and trying to tell people it was there but no one could see it was me. The last one I had was I was walking to the beach because I could hear the howling and I wanted to know I wasn’t going crazy, I see two men and then I turn and it’s there again staring at me menacingly, I tell the man closest it’s there and he turns and actually sees this and tries to run and the wolf tries to bite him. I try to save him by growling at the wolf and it looks at me and springs forward trying to attack my neck and I hold it off so it can’t bite me. These dreams are scary and I really don’t get it.

  27. I need some help interpreting my “black wolf” dream. The wolf had no place in my dream because nothing in recent days, weeks or even months led me to think about wolves. I just need a little help but please do not copy past canned explanation which I myself already read on the internet (checkout all links in the first 9 pages when googled “dream big black wolf”.

    The dream is that I am on a motorcycle and have stopped it in the middle of a country side road. I see a black wolf to the side of the road staring at me. I notice he has long black fur which is obviously very well taken care of..like groomed everyday – its nice, healthy and shiny. I am not afraid of the animal..I am fascinated by the beauty of its fur. The wolf attacks me but I feel no fear..I roar the engine and the wolf retreats, then he attacks again and I roar the engine again he retreats. I repulse all his attacks in that manner. It is important to note that I feel no fear (I am not the bravest person out there so this is kind of strange to me). I then decide to turn my bike around and just go and leave the wolf behind. But I see that if I do that he will catch up with me and attack me from behind by the time my bike has gathered up enough speed. Suddenly I notice that there is a burning torch next to me. So I pick it up and hold it against the wolf who is already jumping on me. He retreats obviously scarred by the flaming torch but not as much I imagined because he tries to jump on me again. We have a brief physical fight where I grab his jaws and feel that I can easily split them and kill the wolf. I don’t do it – not sure why not but it is not out of fear or lack of strength. Somehow I start the bike and the wolf starts chasing me. Every time I look back he so close to catching me that it is a wonder he has not done it yet. Still, I do not care and just look forward somehow feeling that this “threat” can be easily ignored. I get home, quickly go in hoping to leave the wolf outside but he enters my home before the door closes. By this time I already treat the wolf as a pestering nuisance – a fruit fly that has been around my head for a few minutes. I go to my bed and lie down to sleep because I do not believe the wolf is capable of doing anything serious. My 5 year son is sleeping on the same bed as me (in the dream and in reality). As I am drifting away, he wakes up and says “There is a wolf next to our bed!” I want to ignore his comment but then I think that maybe this wolf is no danger to me but could be a danger to a 5 year old boy and I cant take a chance with that so I stand up from the bed to face the wolf. Thats when I wake up.

    I would appreciate your thoughts. And please, no canned, generic answers from the net.

  28. I’ve been having a dream with a wolf in the middle of my street its big and has black fur on its back and white on its stomach. It talks to me saying come to me and I walk outside and a white rabbit will appear and run off and the wolf says the rabbit is the enemy and they fight the rabbit is fast and the wolf can barely catch up but the wolf finally kills the rabbit and disappears then a pregnant woman will appear then I wake up

  29. My oldest daughter who is 26 keeps having a reoccuring dream of running through a wooded area that she does not recognize and being chased and ripped apart by a pack of wolves and she is trying to save someone in this dream as well. its a child but she cant see the child. she does have a son who is 9 years old who recently told his mother that he was afraid to go in his room because he keeps seeing these white faces with eyes and no mouths floating about in his room. he says that there 12 maybe 13 of them and they are about the size of a softball maybe a little bigger. he has never been afraid of anything especially of being in his room. now he is terrified of even going in his room and literally cries and shakes with feAr when he is in his room. my daughter doesnt make him go in the room or sleep in the room and has closed the door to his room so he doesnt get scared. also her dog recently had to be put down because it kept attacking people randomly and its a black lab. they raised the dog from a puppy and it was a family dog that was always as gentle as could be until they moved into this new house in august of this year. The house is an older 2 story home built probably in the early 1900’s and was turned into a 4-plex and remodeled. my daughters reoccuring dream started when she moved into this new place as well. She feels afraid of her dream enough to want me to come and smudge her house but i dont think this is going to help. Any input about her dream and the faces my grandson keeps seeing in his room would be greatly appreciated.

  30. I was doing my early morning prays, Islamic,
    I had a clear vision of a snarling black and brown wolf snarling on my left side more or less coming out of me! Shamanic, I have had visions all my life but never paid much attention to them,
    Can you please elaborate on what this may mean!
    I didn’t like the feel of seeing such a vicious wolf coming from me, it didn’t want to harm me, wasn’t blood stained, Well groomed, Normal sized wolf but distinct in colour, purpose and nature, Just was snarling as if it was ready to attack, i asked for it to go away! I had things playing in the back round that drive away bad energies,
    I didn’t see nothing else, Any help would be helpful, Thank you,

  31. I had a dream lastnight that Me and My fiance were standing on a mountain. In the clouds there was huge gray wolf! Then One appeared on the ground. It came over to us and laid down in front of me.. I bent down rubbed it stomach like a normal dog.. Then it got up and ran off.. That’s when I woke up.. I can’t seem to get it out of my head at all today. Is it a meaning of some sort?

  32. i have a dream i was in a van or some like that when i saw a wolf from the window i howled very low not thinking it would hear me he just started to chased the van. everyone is going nuts i grab a sword out of the back and tell everyone one to stay in the van. i get out of the van and fright with the wolf i kill the wolf after a few mins im blooding a little but that is it what could this mean

  33. I had a dream right after my grandmother died. I was half awake and half a sleep. I saw out of the corner of my eye a wolf with glowing red eyes. He screamed my name but it was a deep roar. I was so scared that i pulled the coveres back over my head. I was 10. To this day i can still feel its hot breath on my neck and hear it call my name. it was terrifying.

  34. I had a dream where 3 wolves were my pets. Every where i went they followed, or if i stood still they layed down an watched me.. When they first appeared though they were in trees blendin in the came out one at a time.

  35. I had a dream that I was in my house, and when I glanced out my window, I saw a group of wolves, watching my house. I quickly rushed to my front door and locked it, and when I returned to the window, they had moved in closer. They showed no sign of hostility, but I was still afraid that they were trying to get into my house. It was during the day, and I live on the top half of a duplex.

  36. Okay This Dream Is Kinda Weird But Here Goes. I was going back to help some friends, I left to grab some more bullets. They were being attacked two guys but the taunted me through them. Going back I encountered to baby wolf that might be leading me back to where i was going. The baby wolf in the front rounded the counter and a tiger came and snatched him up and eat him. I immediately grabbed the other wolf and hopped on top of a large car. The tiger tried desperately to get me. I could have waited but someone near by went into a building and I Went for it, i ran and almost didn’t make it but i got inside. Still holding the baby wolf.

  37. I had a dream last night that i was with some people i dont remember… im pretty sure it was family and we were outside around a campfire and we heard a wolf howl, someone made a comment and then the two oddest wolves appear, one looked like a wolf but it was a brindle color, the other was bluish and looked kinda like a ghost(?) i dont really remember but either me and someone was hurt or the brindle wolf was hurt but i remember it going up to someone and sniffing and then put its head down and turned away and went to me… i was kinda afraid at first but somehow i knew the wolf wouldnt hurt me so i touched its head and it spoke in my mind and said ‘only you’ it was either saying that he could only heal me or that i was the only one who could heal him… meanwhile the ghost like wolf was just standing or floating… and i woke up and have been thinking about it all day. can someone please help me figure out what this means?

  38. I had a dream that their were 2 wolves grey anf white. The grey one was injured but i could not see how bad. white wolf injured very bad. they were looking to me for help. but then i woke up. when i woke up i felt like i should have helped them.

  39. Hey! The past few weeks I have been having strange dreams of wolves. Once I was with an ex-boyfriend I still like and a ‘guide’ and we were all were wolves, but we looked like regular wolves. We were running through a forest and came across an old building with very valuable things in it. The dream never got anywhere important because we left the house and I woke up. Another time I was a wolf with a bunch of school friends. Someone was after me, the principal or somthing, and I kept running. My friends were in danger too. I’d peak around walls to look for the man. I woke up after trying to find the guy chasing me and my friends. I have had a few others that I can’t remember also. I would like to know why I am the wolf… If anybody has any ideas I would appreciate them. Thank you!

  40. My dream wasn’t really that long. It was sort of quick. It was just kind of weird to me. In my dream I was talking to a of the girl I like on Facebook. I forgot what I wrote to her. But she replied ” I’m not a wolf ;)” which I don’t know what that means lol can anybody tell me??

  41. I had a dream, twice, about a large wolf that is cut in half and growling at me. He is only walking on his front two legs (somehow). Once he walked beside a wall and smeared blood all over it. He growls so loud it vibrates and i can feel him breath on me in both dreams. He seems like he wants to kill me but hasn’t attacked (yet). Since I dreamt about him twice i figured it definitely meant something. Plus his back-end missing is very weird. Any ideas ?

  42. The really strange thing is I dream about wolves following me all the time. They never hurt me, just parallel me at adistance on both sides.

  43. I was sleeping this morning and dreamt that I woke up and saw a pack of wolves were in my bedroom with me all around my bed. I think one of the wolves came up and put it’s paws up on the side of my bed and it was wimpering to me and licked my face and hand.I think I started to pet it, so it would stop its wimpering it helped a bit, but she still moaned to me like something was wrong or something she was trying to tell me but she couldn’t speak .but the rest of the pack just ran around the bed or sat there watching me lay there in my bed.I think the wolf was actually our pet black dog we all called shadow. She was old and we had to put her down about 4 or 5 years ago I even have a picture of her on my fridge down in my room with her and me in the picture and she used to jump up and put her paws in my hands and I dance with her she was a good dog and me and my family love her still and miss her so much…I am 35 years old witch isn’t that old but I smoke alot cigarettes and drank alot for my age.I think she was telling that I am dying soon, that is why she was wimpering to me and wouldn’t stop.When I went back down to my room after I woke up I went to make my bed. but it looked like the impresions and shape of a dog on the bed and my blankets. My door is always closed so no dog could have been in my room. So I just made my bed so no one would notice but me.I hope you can tell what this dream means to you. about the wolves and dog that came to me in my dream. Thank you for listening hopefully somebody knows why I had this dream.I almost always have weird dreams and nightmares.

  44. In my dream im not scared of the wolf. it followed me every where that I went but from a distance. I would see it and smile at the wolf but not afraid of it at all . what does this mean

  45. I have had many many dreams of the “Wolf” dating back around 8 or 9 yrs old when an Elder placed his hand on my forhead and said “Whitewolf”. I dream of a white wolf very often but feel VERY VERY safe. One dream was out with some girl I do not know she had a shot gun and looked me eye and said “im sorry it has to be done” I looked up and a white wolf was coming at us she went to shoot and I jumpt at her shot gun it blew in the air (sorry to be graphic but…) I feel backwards instead of toward her (which makes NO sence the way I jumped on her) the wolf looked at me with blood dripping down face her throat had been ripped out. I just stood there as I looked at the female white wolf and noticed 5 others around me. I did not move as to ….where would I go anyhow but still was not scared. To my shock the white wolf did a nod 1 time I swear almost as if saying “thank you” she turned around and the other 5 did (1 nod) and all 6 trotted off. The white wolf has been in my home 2 times in my dreams. Get this….one time on February 14 I dreamed of a Black Wolf. Out in cold and I was walking (strange being I HATE COLD WEATHER IT HURTS ME) however, as I approched the gas station to get a drink it showed it’s teeth to me but I could tell was “WARNING ME” I honestly did not feel threatened but in EVERY dream I can read their mind. The next day at 10:15 AM my fatherinlaw died. I read somewhere the black wolf represents “death to become of a loved one”. It happened. The next day when phone rang I knew my fatherinlaw just passed my 1st words he died didn’t he? Sorry so long I have many more just wanted to share a few. I found all your stories to be very interesting. Thank you all for taking time to share. Good luck to everyone and I do not know if I have helped anyone or not but I pray I have. P.S. I do have a white wolf tattooed on my back. It is a beauty and I am a lady I know the screenname could be either….. Have a great day everyone.

  46. I had a dream this morning that it was bery dark and i was with this poor family outside their store, they had a son and apparently he needed a new notebook for school but the dad didnt have money to buy it for him so i said ill buy it for you but i had to travel sll the way bacm home to get it. (They lived in the middle east) so i went my way and stopped at my sisters house and outside her porch i saw a woundex wolf and i yelled as hard as i could to get my sisters attention. I ran outside and carefully i picked him up and i could see a neck bone sticking out. He seemed calmed and i remember asking myself why arent you showing any signs of pain you are very strong wolf. So i tryed to take care of him and i saw another wolf and i thoight it was him. But in my dream i knew it was somewhat his soul. What does this mean? My dreams tend to be very descriptive i mean i can go on and on about things i smelled, touched, felt. Etc.

  47. Mine never deal with violence..I know I’m 1/4 White Mountain Apache…from my dad’s grandmothers side. They happen repeatedly. At my mom’s house where I lived till about 6 months ago, we have a nature trail in the back yard..this appeared in the dream..and when I looked at the nature trail, a whole pack of wolves were staring directly at me..I approached them, and no matter how close I got, they didn’t move. Then someone else came out, and was walking towards them, and they started running away. I live in North Carolina…there are no wolves here that I’m aware of, other than in the zoo..I have wolf figures adorning my room…I kinda just wish I knew what this one dream means. There are more, but this one in particular confuses me and interests me more.

  48. I have been having the same dream for the last 10 years, in this dream there is a shed, at first, in the bigening i just stare at the shed thenwalk toward it. in the last two years i have gotten closer, the shed is white with pitch black doors. But the thing is i never go in but when i pass the doors there is an overwelming dispare. when i reach the back of the shed there is a figure. It looks to be a wolf, bugt it has red eyes. today in the dream it attaced me. When it bit me i woke up, pain in my left leg, and tears in my eyes.

    what does this mean, why i it so sad and angry? why does it have red eyes and an aura of death?

  49. I had a dream that I was in my kitchen and suddenly a anrgy, snarling wolf comes through the door it looks as if it’s about to attack. What does this mean?

  50. In my dream a wolf and a polar bear came over a mountain.but both of them was as big as houses. The fought and the bear came tumbling down through houses and the wolf turned into man which enterd my home.he had a scratc on his face and asked for help. What do you guys think it means?