Wolf in Dreams

Seeing a wolf in your dream represents power and pack leadership through assertive actions. You have the ability to thrive in the toughest of situations and others depend on your expert services. Enemies fear your fangs and are rarely a match when they fight directly with you. Always coming away bloodied in battle, your opponents will never dare to challenge your leadership again.

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131 thoughts on “Wolf in Dreams”

  1. I’ve recently have had the same same dream 3 times, the details have changed slightly but, in the dream, I’m in a house (surrounded by different people each dream) but it’s a lovely large wooden house in the countryside, all of a sudden, a pack of minimum 50 wolves appear in the distance running across the surrounding fields, they try to get in the house to kills us, in one dream they do get in but we hide on the roof, but through the fields surrounding the house, there are farm animals, and it always ends with the wolves killing all the farm animals, and all of the fields are full of carcuses and covered in blood, it’s pretty horrible. On a side note, on the last dream, I had a pet cougar, which belonged to someone else, but she gave her to me as the cougar seemed to take to me instantly, someone told me to set her against the wolves but I knew she’s be killed as she was outnumbered, the cougar had appeared in a previous dream (totally separate) as a pet who’d had an operation, and so was potentially aggressive and I was afraid of her. Anyway, this sucks because wolves are my favourite animal, but these dreams are defiantly making me feel differently. Anyone have any explanation as to what they could mean? I’ve tried googling it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything about vicious wolf packs.

  2. I was healing a beautiful wounded wolf. I would stroke its paws and from time to time it would snarl at me but it would let me heal it. Then the wolf turned into a beautiful woman that kissed me in the face. I was taken by her. I wonder what it means.

  3. My friend was visited by a black wolf and needed help writing the lesson down that was required by the wolf. When the wolf came she was very aggressive but as I walked closer she submitted to me.

    Later in the dream she turned into a human and was pregnant with my baby (even though I’m a girl too…) she ended up having quadruplets (lol a litter).

    I went to the babysitter school and she didn’t have enough carrots to feed the babies do I picked him up and he went to cry but stopped and I went to the bathroom to nurse him.

    Then I woke up.

  4. had a dream a wolf was stuck in a trap.
    but was crying like a human. in the dream I was trying to figure out how release the wolf from trap then I woke up

  5. I posted an earlier dream of a white wolf. I wanted to say that during this time in my life, there was a person in my life who was religious and who I thought was a good person until later I found out differently. I thank god for being delivered from that person.

  6. I dreamed a white wolf was standing 20 yards from me wagging it’s tail trying to lure me to it. I had no way of escape. some guy I hardly knew through work showed up in this dream and grabbed this wolf till I ran. When I woke up I why this guy showed up in my dream until I decided to look up the name Randall in my moms baby name book. It means wolf shield. Interesting.

  7. I dreamed that I was at my apartment door and was met by a group (6, I think) of young white wolves. They weren’t tiny pups, but probably 6-7 months old. Their mother was several feet behind the group. It seems as if they summoned me to my door. They appeared amiable, but I did not try to pet them or invite them in. Suddenly, a small black cat ran past the wolves into my apartment. I let her in, prepared to bar the way if the wolves gave chase, but they did not.

  8. Husband, his female dog, me and my little male dog were at an off-leash dog park. My dog loves trails so he and I took off up around a corner trail out of site of others when a lone vicious wolf goes to attack and I’m fighting the wolf who’s showing his/her teeth and trying to get at me and
    my little dog. I fight wolf viciously as he is fighting me, I used my bare hands, I couldn’t scream to let husband know, but I protect myself and my little dog. Towards the end of the fight, I woke up frightened and unable to return to sleep, a nightmare.

  9. I dream that I am in my back yard with my three dogs (pitbulls) and letting them use the bathroom when I look through the woods and see a pack of wolves coming at us and I immediately pick up my dogs one a t a time and carry them into the house and as I’m going to pick up the last dog the leader of the pack lunges at me and I jump straight up in the air and am now walking in the air towards my home and the lead wolves says in English- “I am going to get you one way or another” and lunges at me again. I kick at him and throw him back enough to get in my house and when I’m trying to close the door the wolf sticks his paw in the door and I’m trying to close the door on his foot and he moves his paw and I’m able to close the door completely and I wake up. I’m not anxious or having palpitations and able to go back to sleep.

  10. I was in a safe haven in hiding during a war ok f today. I saw myself when I was fat and became fast friends while we are ice together and went downstairs to to an underground garden I was working on so we could stay cool in the heat.
    It was about dusk the sun still up but causing great shadows and in the light I saw a wolf powerful and strong but skint with very long hair in certain spots it was black with grey face and paws and tail and some grey mixed into the back it saw me and I it. I have this desire to get get it nearer I put my hand on the glass sliding door and it comes to sniff My hand the look of innocent wonder in its eyes golden with a hint of soft brown. Out of nowhere I step back I could see something evil in its intent and I begin to evoke it with anger by taking an object that looked like a baseball bat mixed with a duster and threatened to hit the wolf if it came nearer it was pissed. Started pacing and found a small corner that was broken just big enough for its head but there was a screen door there. I tapped the glass to get its attention again and was ready to fight it. It looked demonic now and I didn’t back down despite my fear because I felt I had to protect my family from this beast. Then as I was making it mad and it lunged for the window I woke up.

  11. Dream that I was rubbing my dog and she was acting straight and I look a her and she start looking like a black wolf. It scared me

  12. I had a dream that I was leading a pack of wolves. I was not afraid of them, I was actually very proud of them. The wolves seemed extremely happy and comfortable around me. They would follow me and eat from my hand, and they would do as I told them.

  13. I had a dream last night about taking in a wounded wolf. I laid the wolf on my bed to rest and heal. The wolf had a wound on his right front leg. The wolf was silent and looked about ready to die. I would check on the wolf and see the wound bleeding all over my bed. But I did nothing to help the wolf. Just hoped it would heal on its own. It didn’t. It kept bleeding and the wolf looked almost dead. I picked up the wolf to bring outside to let the wolf die. But the wolf got up and went back to my bed.

  14. Last night I dreamt of a white-grayish wolf with blue eyes. He stood beside me strangely while I sat in the grass. I never saw it before so I watched him panted beside me. After a while I looked away and it was gone but to another suprised encountered a brown mutt rushing towards me furiously so I ran away immediately then I woke.

  15. Last night I dreamt of a white bear ( not polar) with extremely long claws. He was guarding my door so I couldn’t leave my house. It was understood that he wasn’t friendly. In the dream, I was wealthy and my housekeeper locked the bear in my car so I could leave the house. As I stepped outside the bear had transformed into a white wolf and was laying on the hood of my car. I feared the wolf, but approached him anyway. Instead of attacking as I thought he would, he left.

  16. I dreamt that my husband had needed heart surgery immediately something had happened to cause it. As I am walking down this alley patiently awaiting to hear news about my husband, this grey wolf comes out from behind a cage. It doesn’t try to attack me it walks toward me slowly & just stares. As I turn around to walk away, the surgeon is right there & tells me my husband didn’t make it through surgery. This isn’t the first time I have had a dream about a wolf. Usually it is about a white wolf.

  17. I had a dream that I was with my cousin in this one field and all she kept on saying was there coming ! And I said what’s coming! And i saw a pack of wolves running towards me it was like they were going to attack me but I just whispered Jesus and the wolves vanished then my cousin looked at me and she told me Mathew 23

  18. I dreamy that a white/lt grey wolf was with me and went after someone that was with me but when I yelled no the wolf came and laid by my side then the dream changed to it being someone that I see as a father figure holding me and having a complete feeling of protection. What could this mean?

  19. My dream was very intense it started out I was walking down a gravel path in the forest I came to a clearing and there was this wooden old bridge missing several planks it looked like it was gonna give away soon this bridge was in a mountain pass connecting both mountains below it was a river I remember being in aw of the beautiful scenery as I approached I noticed a pack of wolfs laying on the bridge there was one wolf that caught my eye this wolf was brown with light grey hairs with golden eyes as I got closer this wolf picked up his head slowly and looked at me I stopped my approach and just stared back the other wolfs also noticed me but they didn’t seem to care, they kept sleeping, then she lowered her head and just kept watching me, I was uneasy but I had the strongest urge that this wolf wanted me to approach, so I started walking towards this wolf, as I was on top of the bridge I could hear my footsteps on every wooden plank, I looked at the other wolfs and wonder who was the alpha and who was the omega, there were four other wolfs paying down in a circle there was a black wolf with yellow eyes, there was a grey wolf with blue eyes, a golden wolf with brownish yellowing eyes I didn’t look at the other too because at this point I was approaching the golden wolf with light grey hairs and golden eyes that didn’t break eye contact with me for a second. I sat down next to this wolf it didn’t budge, I looked at the pack they didn’t move but I did notice they all stood up and was just watching us the black wolf approached but the golden wolf next to me looked back at the black wolf and growled, at this point I became uneasy because I thought they were going to attack which had me regretting the decision to my surprise the black wolf just sat and laid down I looked around and all of them was just staring at me, this is the part I fucked up, I tried to pet this golden gray dog and everything just happened fast, the golden dog that I thought was peaceful jumped at me growling and barking trying to bite my face ferociously I grabbed the wolf in the neck and was pulling down trying to keep the wolf from biting I could feel the wolfs strength it was overwhelming I was hanging on tight but the wolf was to strong and I was loosing my grip I could feel her heavy breath and bark getting closer to my face, I looked at the other wolfs and they were all in a circle around me growling in like low ready position ready to jump at me but they didn’t move neither of them did, I realized if I didn’t do something quick I was gonna loose this battle so I made a last minute decision and jumped of the bridge as we were free falling I managed to spin around and put this wolf underneath me, I remember as I free fell I felt like this was it and my death was inevitable I hoped that the huge size of this wolf I had pinned would absorb most of the impact then we hit the side of the river landing on white pebbles, I had the wind knocked out of me but I was ok the wolfs eyes were wide open and then I felt sadness as I thought that I killed the wolf but I also felt a sigh of relief, then the pack came running from the side of the bridge that was a little path that lead to the bridge, they stopped 5 yards away from me and just growled with their ears back, I was still holding on to the wolf then I felt the wolf move I looked down and our eyes connected it started to growl so I quickly jumped into the river hanging on to the golden wolf and sank slowly to the bottom as we were sinking I was holding my breath I looked down and saw the wolf with the Suns Rays piercing through the water I noticed its eyes were closed and it was just peaceful the wolf wasn’t fighting me anymore, then it’s opened its eyes and I realized the fear and sadness was not of my own but of the wolfs it was strange because at that moment I felt like I finally understood so I swam to the surface as fast as I could to keep it alive when I reached the shore I laid the wolf down and say next to it when it woke up I realized the wolf I was fighting was the omega, and I was surprised when she laid her head down on my lap, then the pack came close but they were not aggressive anymore they just laid down around me, then a group of hikers came through the forest they the wolves all stood up and growled they asked if I was ok that they heard a lot of commotion and they thought I was In trouble as they approached the wolves became even more aggressive I looked down at the omega and she was as peaceful as when I approached. Then I woke up

  20. Last night I dreamt I saw wolves and bears streaming across a field. I was viewing them from above, like I was in the air. I slso dreamt of a sky filled with strange looking airplanes. One landed in the backyard.

  21. I dreamt I was adopted and new my family lived in an old farmhouse. The first night there my parents locked all the doors and refused to go outside and my grandpa was scared but when I asked they said nothing was wrong. I went upstairs for bed but couldn’t sleep then I heard a noise and went downstairs, my mom told me to help her bolt all the doors. We were about to check the back door when a huge black wolf started pacing around the house. My grandpa seemed to know him almost like a bastard son and my mom told me to hide so I took my siblings to the attic while my parents and aunts and uncles and grandpa got ready for the wolf. My sister went downstairs to check and got trapped when the wolf broke in and started attacking everyone. He wanted me to open the door to save my sister but that would also let him in. I managed to get her out but he slammed into the door and the bolt started to break so we ran upstairs and hid. Then I woke up.

    To be honest it terrified me. I know being attacked by a wolf is a bad omen, I’m just not sure how bad this one might be and could use some help interpretating it all.

  22. I dreamed that there was this timber wolf pup that I was howling with. There was no presence of any other wolves and I felt at peace with the wolf pup.

    In dream meanings regarding wolves, many seemed negative and I feel more connected to the symbol of wolf in my medicine cards that the wolf being the great teacher. It speaks of wolf medicine teaching others to know their calling “howling”. Wolf is the path finder and helps others of the pack find their higher calling and path.