Zebra in Dreams

Dreaming of zebras indicate your weighted struggles between multiple issues. You are undecided in determining the rights and wrongs as represented by the zebra patterns. This will directly affect your behavior, morals, and life in the waking hours.

When you first dream of zebras, figure out what you struggle with or flip flop most on. Whether it is careers or relationships, the sooner the problem is address, the better.

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7 thoughts on “Zebra in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that me and 2 friends were staying at a posh hotel. We were hungry and one friend had a rifle. So we were outside, getting ready to zero the scope at a long distance and I said we didn’t need it beyond 100 yards and took the rifle. I saw some bison and zebra running, to my right. I braced the rifle against something and fired. A zebra fell. One friends went over, with a knife, to get the meat. He was gone a long time and when we looked out a window, to see where where he was, police and an ambulance were beside the zebra. We didn’t our friends and thought the police had him. The emt’s we’re working on the zebra. That is when I woke up. What does this mean?

  2. I saw pack of zebras no room in between them everything black and white hard to see where one started and ended but was able to find a few lines to distinguish faces.

  3. In my dream I was riding a giraffe first but then found myself laying on the ground, hugging a very tranquil and pacific zebra who just let itself melt into this fulfilling hug.