Cardinal in Dreams

Dreaming of cardinals signify that you are quick to show off your brilliance and popularity. If any presentation requires your appearance, you are to win over the hearts of the attendees with your words of wisdom and top notch presentation skills. Follow the cardinal in your dreams, and continue showing off to win the admiration of many.

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One thought on “Cardinal in Dreams”

  1. My dream had a male Cardinal fly to me and actually land on my hand. I wanted to show my family & husband what this Cardinal was doing so I called for them all to come see. When my family showed up, the male Cardinal called to his female mate to come. She arrived with baby cardinals! They all landed on my hand & head beginning to snuggling me and chirping ever so excitedly & happy! Coincidentally, that same day in reality, not my dream, I did have a visit from a Cardinal outside my window. He perched on my fence for about 1-2 minutes cocking his head & peering at me. I did take a picture of him also! Really wondering the significance of all of this.