Cockerel in Dreams

Dreaming of a cockerel is an indication of aggression, and desire to be alpha male of the group. You are all about marking and protecting your territory. Enemies fear confronting you head on, while there are many who plot behind your back to topple your position of power. Continue to monitor your possessions, and grow in the image of the cockerel.

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2 thoughts on “Cockerel in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I accidentally stepped on a cockerel and it chased me. I had to hide in a supermarket so it wouldn’t know where I lived. What could this possibly mean?

    1. At a guess, and I’m no expert this is just the impression I get, it seems like maybe you stepped on some toes along the way and somebody’s (seems most likely male) ego got bruised in the process. And now you seem to feel embarrassment for having done so and instead of facing the person head on, you’re hiding from them or avoiding them. Now I have no idea if you Meant to step on toes or whether it was necessary or what, but Usually the best way to deal with something like that (if you truly didn’t mean to hurt or offend somebody) is to talk to that person, tell them what happened and why and explain that you’re sorry for upsetting them.
      Again, just my take on things.
      To Me roosters equal people (usually male) who are a bit sensitive about things, insecure and they get defensive because of their insecurities. If you’re compassionate yet firm about things, it usually works out in the end. But these types of people tend to take running, hiding or hedging as a sign of weakness or guilt and react the way a rooster does and give chase.
      I hope that helps some.