Crow in Dreams

Seeing a crow in your dream means sorrow, death, and disappointment in everything. Crows have a negative connotation in real life because they are natural scavengers, usually feeding off smaller dead animals. Beware of crows because grief and misfortune will follow.

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4 thoughts on “Crow in Dreams”

  1. i saw the 1 crow with wound on his leg and keep following me where im go….and suddenly come near to me and poke on my neck…i can feel once i get wake up

  2. I am going through a very tuff time in my life. I am trying to get a home morage. I am also disappointed in love. My children whom I love and have been depending on to help me get my home have tune their back on me. I have no support from one. I feel as my world has cruched. While going through all of this sorrow I had this dream about four black crows in the area where I was at the time. When I wakeup , I knew that the dream weren’t good. I am hoping that I had the dream because of the situation that I am in already and hopefully not because more sorrow and disappointment is ahead.

  3. i cant really remember most of the dream but all i remember is that i was trying to close a window and a black crow was trying to get in. i was trying to stop the crow from coming in. but i think it went through another window that someone had opened when i had closed it. then i cant remember the rest