Doves in Dream

Dreaming about doves represent religious connotations connected to the holy spirit and Christianity. Whatever is going right or wrong with your life; your cry for help are being answered by many prayers as seen in the doves appearing in your dreams. These white doves will bring a positive blessing and harmony to you. You will not have to face obstacles alone.

Also, doves represent mating and marriage. If you have found the perfect person, the dove dream is your first step to thinking about marriage, then soon to be followed by kids.

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4 thoughts on “Doves in Dream”

  1. I had a dream of several white doves with brown feet were in a very wide box. It was so full there was no room for any space at all. They all began to fly to the right and towards the sky. Something in my thoughts told me that was a zillion white doves. I began to have a strong feeling of peace, love, high abundance and good luck coming my way. Then I woke up very happy. What in the world could this mean. Please reply back ASAP.

  2. I had a dream where a huge white dove was slowly flapping its wings outside my window and pecking on the glass , turning to fly away and wanting me to follow it seemed…it returned twice more in the same dream trying to get me to follow. It was pure white with a beautiful yellow beak….breathtakingly beautiful.
    What does it mean?

  3. In my dream I had just come home from work to find my dining room set was gone, and that room had been perfectly cleaned(carpet and everything). I went and text my husband who was still at work what he had done with it. While I waited for his replying I went outside and layed on back deck, starting to cry, thinking he was leaving. Out of nowhere a white dove comes and lands in my back. Seeming to want to cheer me up. He stays there for a long while. I actually fall asleep with him on my back. Then I wake up and realize he is still there, that’s when I gets strange… We start taking crazy selfies together!