Flamingo in Dreams

Dreaming of flamingos indicate your need to be flamboyant and leading the parade with your gift of exotic physical appearances. Life for you is a constant party, where friends and family adore your antics. Making friends come easily due to your outgoing personality, and the fun that you bring to any occasion. Continue to leverage the flamingo aspect in you as already foretold to you in the dream and make headway to bigger goals.

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2 thoughts on “Flamingo in Dreams”

  1. I had a very large flamingo in my dreams, around 100ft. I was in my home, and could see ut walking around the locality. It seemed harmless.

  2. i had a dream that i was going to get my first tatto but the tattoo that i got was two flamingo looking at each other in love, a tree and flowers in my whole back but it was not the tattoo that i wanted so im trying to find what the dream meant