Goose in Dreams

When a goose appears in your dream, it indicates innocence and fertility. You are the centerpiece that enemies want to corrupt for their own gains. At the same time, you continue to provide in riches that are both abundant and rewarding. Adapt to being less naive and you can accumulate your own riches.

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2 thoughts on “Goose in Dreams”

  1. Few days ago i had a dream,i was somewhere and about five white goose came to bite me on my leg,i held the neck of one of them which i later released,in the dream i entered a house with a staircase and i saw another goose sitting by the enterance.that was when i woke up from my dream,please i want interpretation to the dream am worried,

  2. I dreamed that I was attacked by a white goose. The first time I managed to run away. However, I encountered another goose. The second white goose also attacked me. Of course, I wasn’t going to let myself get attacked twice. I remember squeezing its neck just enough so that it would stop. I didn’t want to kill or harm it. Despite everything the goose still kept trying to attack me.