Ostrich in Dreams

An ostrich is a powerful bird, yet often misunderstood. When an ostrich appears in your dream, it is a representation of you avoiding reality. You run away from problems and avoid on coming problems. This leads up to more problems eventually crushing your spirits in the process.

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12 thoughts on “Ostrich in Dreams”

  1. last night i had dream that ostrich is running behind me nd my family i m trying to escape…but she is searching me instead of millions people who are there..what is it’s meaning??

  2. Iam a girl and i saw that iam tearing an ostrich that comes running behind me for self defense purpose. And i think that i was tearing and killing a female ostrich

  3. I dreamed that one of my bosses came to me and said he knew where some ostriches were in the woods. We went out there with a rifle to hunt it but there wasn’t much actual hunting involved. We pulled up in the truck and there were two right by the dirt road. They each had their own best and one egg. One was right at the wood line of the huge lush forest and the other was closer. About have the distance to the road. Dennis(my boss) pulled out his rifle to shoot the closest ostrich but he was on the phone on a business call. He just kept talking and shooting at the same time. The bird got right up when it saw the gun but it didn’t run or fight or anything. It actually looked like it was trying to let us shoot it. The other ostrich did NOT like it and started squawking and running around it’s best and in and out of the woods like it wanted to leave but it didn’t.

    Dennis missed his first few shots and then finally hit it in what seemed like slow motion but it wasn’t a good shot, as Dennis was still on the phone, and the bird was only wounded. Dennis kept shooting one handed and missing the kill shot until the ostrich had several bullet holes in it. At that point I told him to give me the gun and I shot the ostrich between the eyes to save it from suffering anymore. But the ostrich looked happy to be dying.. After it died the other ran off and Dennis got scared and wanted to leave, so we left. I went back home, got my own rifle and told my grandad I was going after the body and the other ostrich. When I got there both the dead and living ostrich were gone. I walked down the ditch of the road to get to the nests but the eggs weren’t really eggs. They were jars turned upside down and painted to look like eggs. I got really nervous and turned around to leave and there was a homely woman standing there with a really angry expression. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that my boss and I had come to hunt the ostriches earlier. She reached out to help me up the bank but I didn’t trust her enough to take her hand while I was hold the rifle and I walked up the less steep side of the bank. When I got to the road the woman said she had seen the ostrich I killed and I began the story but as I was talking a man stumbled out of the woods in ragged clothes. He was coming from the direction that the living ostrich ran before and cursing at the ground every time he tripped. The woman yelled at him to “GET UP HERE!” and I freaked out. I just kept talking and tried to say goodbye (Something like “Well, I’ll be going now..”) and turned around slowly before straight up sprinting to my truck. I got in and closed the door, but I couldn’t get my keys to stay in my hand long enough to crank the truck. I was to scared to look to see if the woman was looking at me but I felt like I was being chased from the moment I turned around. The dream ended with me fumbling with my keys..

    I hope someone can give me some insight. This dream just gives me the creeps. Especially since I haven’t seen or even thought about Ostriches for years. I’ve only ever seen one or two in person.. but not recently at all. Thanks for any help you can offer.

  4. I saw a mighty ostrich in the sky it was in the form of cloud but it was live,me and my parents were staring at it,watching it as it moves. We became scared when it started shedding it’s feathers and eventually disappeared

  5. I dreamt last night that a huge ostrich was trying to get through my mums front door . I was behind the door trying to hold it shut , the door was breaking and I was panicking shouting to my mum who’s 70 by the way to bloody help me . Haha but she just sat on her phone acting asif it wasn’t a big deal , finally she walked over to me to help and the ostrich trotted away ? The oddest dream u have ever had in my life ! X

  6. I dreamt that I was frantically looking for missing items in an home I don’t know. I ran outside and a baby alligator latched onto my pant leg. I was screaming and swinging it around which attracted it’s mother and an ostrich. I avoided the mother alligator, but I had to grab the ostrich’s head when it tried to bite me. I was so scared and nobody came to help me. I ended up crushing it’s head in my hand and I woke up when I saw blood it’s blood in my hand.

  7. I had a dream that I was going outside to enjoy the sunny day but when I opened my back door a large ostrich was at the door and it opened its mouth and snapped at me I slammed the door and then I woke up.
    What can that symbolise?
    Thank you

  8. I was fighting ostrich in my dream, crushing it head and wake up and fight me again, up until I run way from it.

  9. I remember being at the beach watching my cousin ( who Ihadn’t seen for years) doing the hula on stage. The adult ostrich walked passed me Near the ocean,close enough where the wave washed over it, the ostich was still walking after being hit by the wave. Then I remeber walking away fom the beach to get into the car. As we walked back I remember asking my cousin if she had seen the ostrich and if she knew the could run fast and chace after you. Just as she refponded yes, yes looked back and saw the ostrich eunnug towards us full speed. I’m not sure why the ostrich was running after me because I was ahead of my cousin, the ostrich passed her and continued chasing me. I ended up running past my car because it was still locked, my cousin was driving she hadn’t unlocked the door yet. As I ran back towards the car I remember passing my daddy who was walking towards me. I screamed out to him why can’t I run any faster? I was actually slowing down as I ran.

  10. I had a dream last night I caught a baby ostrich in a field where there were mommy ostriches running all around and other types of animals. I held and loved the soft cute baby ostrich and carried it around with me to a picnic table. Suddenly two baby panther cats run up and try to attack the bird and I had to hold them back which scared me a lot and then I shoved the panthers into a cage while holding the ostrich in my other hand. What does this all mean?

  11. I had a dream where I went to the pound and there sat a lonely ostrich with no home, abandoned. I came up on it and immediately decided it was to go home with me. I carried it around and loved on it much like I would my own cat. Always lovingly. My cat and my ostrich got on quite well and even got into trouble together. It was cold and for some reason there were hot coils on a stove and because of both of their hair/feathers they could not feel that they were burning. Both of them cuddled the coils to get warm and burnt themselves and I was the ever loving caretaker.