Peacock in Dreams

Dream of spreading your tail feathers as a peacock indicates your real desires to be noticed and admired for your beauty. Naturally you are full of confidence and ambitions. However, it may be a false foundation if you consistently rely on beauty as lessens with age.

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4 thoughts on “Peacock in Dreams”

  1. I saw a peacock which was shuttering down its feathers in air I was collecting it on my grandmother house terrace and then I called my cousins and told them about peacock during dreams and then I saw a bunch of white and simple peacocks on a was amazing but what it means

  2. I dreamt of 4 peacocks flying over my head, they came from directly behind me and I looked up to see them. Right away I though wow those are ugly birds, what are they? I watched the first one as it slowly banked to the right and I saw it’s blue and green tail feathers. Then it landed in front of me about 5 metres away and opened up it’s tail but it wasn’t beautiful. It was a bird that had been beaten up. Many tail feathers were missing some were broken or not straight. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It reminded me of henpecked chickens we had had when I was a kid most of the feathers had been pecked out by other chickens.

  3. I saw in my dream that i was passing through a field of sugarcane and i saw many peacocks nodding thier head down and eating something…what does that mean?

  4. i had a dream about 3 peacocks that were sitting on a tree near my home.i was scared of them in my dream as one of them was trying to attack me because i was beneath at a tree of its nest.what does that mean