Phoenix in Dreams

In mythology, a phoenix is revered as a legendary fiery bird who bestows hope and rebirth upon others. Thus, the appearance of a phoenix in your dream symbolizes renewal and growth. When undergoing a period of trouble, seeing a phoenix in your dream, it shows that hope is approaching you in a slow and steady way.

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One thought on “Phoenix in Dreams”

  1. in my dream:
    a bright sunny day I was driving in a car with no top in a busy commercial area and I looked back and saw a group of 7 white birds flying in the distance towards me. They drew closer and one was ahead of the rest, at this point I could see clearly that it was a brilliant white phoenix and was flying right at me. The phoenix came directly overhead and I attempted to shield myself for fear it would attack then suddenly it was in my lap and much smaller at this point. I was holding it and I lightly held its neck because I was still afraid it might attack, then I felt complete peace with it. I then raised my arms and let it free and it took flight and regain its full size and brilliance to rejoin the other birds. then I saw a road to my right and the birds flew the direction of this road. I could see at the end of the road was the ocean which seemed to get closer and closer as if I was even flying with the birds. then I awoke.