Phoenix in Dreams

In mythology, a phoenix is revered as a legendary fiery bird who bestows hope and rebirth upon others. Thus, the appearance of a phoenix in your dream symbolizes renewal and growth. When undergoing a period of trouble, seeing a phoenix in your dream, it shows that hope is approaching you in a slow and steady way.

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6 thoughts on “Phoenix in Dreams”

  1. What does that mean to BE the phoenix in a dream? I was running and transformed into the phoenix and I rise into the sky and feel the fire burning but it does not hurt?

  2. Please someone tell me what my dream means!!! I dreamt it last night!!

    The dream I had was about that everything was going super chill. Drinking, smoking weed, going to jam nights with friends. Then everything was all of a sudden interrupted by a fucking giant fire bird (literally a bird made of fire) attacking society!! People started going crazy. Random ppl tried to attack me at the same time and I had no choice but to defend myself.
    I was hiding from the fire bird and everyone else, then when the military got involved, it was being controlled by a source far out in the sea. So they attacked the source with over 30 – 50 jets, and the last jet destroyed the source, thus destroying the fire bird. It left a smoke revealing a skull, almost similar to the punisher skull and saw the last jet flying through the skull smoke. Then I woke up

  3. Okay well I literally have no way of interpreting mine so I would prefer what other people thing of it but in my dream I was literally trying to catch an actual Phoenix and succeeded. I have no idea what it means.

  4. I had somewhat of a strange dream last night. After saving someones life yesterday, I dreamed of a phoenix, at least I assume it was a phoenix. Unfortunately I don’t remember much of the happenings in the dream, but I remember the bird changing shape and pattern on its feathers. The phoenix appeared twice throughout my dream. The second time I started following it. We were in an old castle or mansion like building. All the walls were made of stone, but the building had a friendly vibe.
    It was dark outside and the sky was decorated with stars and occasional clouds. The phoenix sat on the edge of a narrow semi circle balcony. I stopped and waited. Then the phoenix’s feathers started changing and moving in a pattern, like flames. It looked at me and spread its wings. This was the point where I woke up.
    It did not feel like a nightmare, it wasn’t scary and I wasn’t scared, however I woke up throughout the dream about two times. Every time when I gathered my consciousness and eventually woke up I felt an uneasy feeling. Something that I don’t know of and don’t understand.

  5. My vision : In a huge balsam tree I saw two samurai warriors holding their swords in a downward position as though they were standing guard. They wore headbands and they looked older and not as in shape as the ones depicted on television. Than a phoenix appeared on the front limb of the tree. It was bowing the limb up and down like he was going to jump toward me. He was larger than me and his huge wings rose upwards as the limb that he was perched on swayed downward . It was like he wanted to jump or fly from the tree toward me. By this time my knees were shaking as I stood by my door. He had a horned hat on and he was rusty colored and his feathers were kind of messy looking. It was the middle of December and very cold outside.
    Not only could I not believe what I just saw, I knew nobody else would so I kept it to myself.
    I know the phoenix is a sign of rebirth and it was to appear at the end of a certain era. I had just returned from a rather trying time of my life and hoped it was there for positive reasons, but I did not want to remain out in the dark to find out otherwise. Even though I know not to judge a book by its cover , it was quite scary.

  6. in my dream:
    a bright sunny day I was driving in a car with no top in a busy commercial area and I looked back and saw a group of 7 white birds flying in the distance towards me. They drew closer and one was ahead of the rest, at this point I could see clearly that it was a brilliant white phoenix and was flying right at me. The phoenix came directly overhead and I attempted to shield myself for fear it would attack then suddenly it was in my lap and much smaller at this point. I was holding it and I lightly held its neck because I was still afraid it might attack, then I felt complete peace with it. I then raised my arms and let it free and it took flight and regain its full size and brilliance to rejoin the other birds. then I saw a road to my right and the birds flew the direction of this road. I could see at the end of the road was the ocean which seemed to get closer and closer as if I was even flying with the birds. then I awoke.