Rooster in Dreams

Dreaming of a rooster indicates cockiness and masculinity. It is natural for you to seek the role of the alpha male in all situations. Coworkers look to you for leadership, but are all misguided because your arrogance does not translate well into real world leadership traits. Enjoy the short power trip but beware of enemies who can tell of the facade.

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3 thoughts on “Rooster in Dreams”

  1. My boyfriend had a dream about a black rooster pecking at me….I was dead…later that day I saw a black rooster on a public busy road? Crazy?

  2. I dreamed a friend of mines brought a Black Rooster into my home. SHE SAID LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS.. He was big and majestic. I made her take him out of my house before he crapped in my home. Not cool.

  3. I dreamt of my grandfather who recently passed away, only in the dream he was a rooster and he was on fire, not a threat like fire but almost majestic like if that makes sense, his favorite animal was a rooster, I really want to know what my dream meant.