Swan in Dreams

Swans bring about prosperity and delight in dreams. If you have a health concern, then your swan dream is a message of good health to follow. If you are faced with a mysterious life issue, the swan in your dream will provide the revelation.

In all its goodness, swans will set you free to enjoy all the delightful experiences of what life is meant to be at its fullest.

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3 thoughts on “Swan in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed of swimming with various ages of swan babies and adult swans. They were diving and swooping around me in the water and I was laughing and delighted. When I got out of the water I was in body the same as I am in mind, young and vital but different than me and there were others there including a young man. We talked and visited like very good friends about the swans and about life. When he was leaving he kissed me on the cheek and told me he wished I would get divorced and start over with him. Then three mean girls started to surround me and question his involvement with me…I am too old for this kind of dream I think lol – I am 55 but it was a fun and happy dream and I awoke in a smiling mood

  2. i dreamt that i saw a pretty velvety black swan in a pool of water. It saw me and it just swam up kinda walked out of the water and flew up in the air. the same nite while using the bathroom throughout the nite i kept dreaming of the swan trying to figure out in my dream what it meant, and in my dream someone said death, but i didnt believe it. could you help me out with this. I never had a repeated dream in one night ever.

  3. The dream was vivid yet vague, I was looking down at a big wooden table and there were lots of carvings on top but the only one I really remember is the one of a swan?