Vulture in Dreams

Dreaming about vultures does not bode well for the dreamer. Vultures are natural scavengers of the dead animals and they represent illnesses that may bring death and misery. Be cautious and more careful in your waking life to prevent these shortcomings until you stop dreaming about vultures.

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2 thoughts on “Vulture in Dreams”

  1. I dream of vultures trying to attack a baby who was sleeping outside. When they saw that he was awake they flew away. But he had a scare from the vultures attack. Then I woke up

  2. Last night in my dream, there were vultures (which BTW, I do love to watch soar). The vultures were soaring across a large field and I was watching them and seeing the beauty of their flight.

    I am wondering though after reading your interpretation above, if this has to do with my aunt who is wanting money from my grandmother’s (who died 6 December) estate. She is making it very difficult for my mother who is the trust executor. I’ve received a message from my grandmother that this is not my fight.