Armpit in Dreams

Dreaming of an armpit means bearing your true form to the public. There is nothing holding you back in terms of your true attitude and personality. If an armpit is untrimmed, you are likely to be wild and nonconforming to socially acceptable etiquette. The reverse is true if your armpit has been shaved.

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5 thoughts on “Armpit in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that silver marble like objects were coming out of my armpit and I was trying to push them back in . I could feel the coolness of object falling back inside and the heaviness as the pile got bigger … very strange dream … any reasoning behind this?

  2. Just woke up from a dream that I was stabbed in left armpit, I was gushing with blood and woke up, felt like I was a goner.

    In dream I had a boyfriend (unknown in real life) he came to a public event I was at and gave a speech that got everyone talking including myself. I said something like that wasn’t him I barely recognized him. Then out of nowhere a little dark haired young man ran up to me and began yelling at me for saying or offending the speaker (which was the boyfriend in dream) I then put both arms up to protect self (I was sitting on the ground) he grabs my wrists then stabbed me hard into left armpit with force, pulled knife out and ran away. I was gushing blood and woke up. What does this mean?

  3. So in my dream I was looking at my hairy armpit in the mirror then my brother Said there is no shaving cream you can not shave

    What would that mean?

  4. I have had the same type of dreams twice now with the arm pit. First one a witch was sticking her fingers into my armpit and the pain was great and then she put her other hand into my mouth and I knew if i bit her she would pull out and she did. 2nd dream last night was a man very large man came into kill me and my husband and he pulled my arm to put the knife in my armpit but instead of me being able to open my knife to stab him the large man just placed the knife against my armpit not stabbing me.

  5. Armpit is a private aspect of a person. If one dreams of a smelly armpit, he needs to beware of scandals or things which could tarnish his image.