Bones in Dream

Dreaming of bones represents your quest to uncover the truth no matter the obstacles or ugliness that may be encountered in the path. Bones are materials that manifest the origin of events and situations that affect our daily lives.

Understanding the past helps to put closure and meaning into transactions. When making a big business deal and you have a dream about bones, then you must do your due diligence before committing large sums of wealth and energy to the partnership.

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2 thoughts on “Bones in Dream”

  1. I dreamt last night that I was at a summer camp and I was naked for some reason (I can’t remember) but I looked in a mirror and saw blood on my collar bone. When I pressed on the area, I started bleeding more and could feel and see that my collar bone had grown teeth-like spikes/pillars in a tight ridge along both collar bones. The pillars near my arms were thinner so they were breaking through my skin on both shoulders. My mother was suddenly there and I was concerned so I showed her my collar bone. She was concerned so she called a friend of ours but that friend didn’t say anything about it and asked if I had made an appointment for her adoption finalization. (she recently adopted a child and I have worked in adoptions).

  2. When i was 4 years old, (16 now) i remember having this dream, my mom’s friends were over, and i kept annoying her. so she took me to the room and removed my throat bones? there was no blood, but she just took it right out. i felt normal but i could not speak and i was crying with my mouth shut. my mom is very nice and it was the wierdest thing! What could it mean?