Feet in Dreams

Dreaming of feet mean you are recollecting all the places you have been and created a lasting memory. Feet also represent your own capabilities and strength to carry on when all else have failed. It is important to remember that humans are transient beings that are constantly on the move, whether that it is physically or mentally. Once you stay in once place for too long, then you are already dead.

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11 thoughts on “Feet in Dreams”

  1. i had a dream about spikes going through my feet then the spikes came out and pink fluids was pumping out of my feet and my feet began deflateing like a balloon and my feet was wrinkling up and caving in then my feet began folding into a ball then my legs was wrinkling up and start to folding into a ball and my body began to collapsed and i woke up it felt like it happen

  2. I also dreamt of having a big cut on my right foot such that when i open the wound i could see through it-blood,flesh and bones but it was painless. this kind of a dream has been recurring. the other time, i dreamt that the hole was on my leg and when i peeped through it i could see a shining light and bone marrow. please help me with the interpretation.

  3. i had a dream about holes in my feet and my feet was deflateing like a balloon and curling up into a ball along with my legs and i woke up it felt like it happen

  4. That is weird. There are so many dreams about holes in foot; but no explanation. I was looking for explanation. I dreamed that I too had a hole in my right foot, looked like laser cut no bleeding but it was pink on the inside like raw meat, really gross. This was all the way through I remember seeing through it. Everyone thought it was cool. I was at the beach and was worried about sand and infection. Weird, weird, weird.

  5. I had a dream last light i was sleepin on the sofa i woke up to find blood every where the floor the sofa then i saw to my feet small but deep holes if i over lapped them they where right on the spot like on jesus every time i would wipe away the blood more would show up at times bright but others dark what does this mean i know sounds crazy but i wanna know

  6. My dream was that i was playing with my youger brother but in my hand i had big knife , by accident i cut both of hes feet off … Whats wierd there was no blood or anything … he was footless and hes feet were just there on the floor … What could this mean ?

  7. Lastnight I had a dream that I wokeup to see a hole in my big toe.. I could see almost through.. and like spider webs everywhere.. but it was made of like dead skin.. or bone marrow.. ants got inside and I had to use a toothpick to get them out.. Im really freaked out and have to keep looking at my toes to make sure theyre fine… ._.

    1. I also had a dream last night about a hole in my big toe on my left foot. But I stuck my finger inside and it was hollow in my toe. So I started pulling on it and the skin around the hole started breaking and tearing away. It was black on the inside and the dead skin felt like peeling off paint from a wall. I kept thinking it was from a parasite or something in my toe. But now that I’m awake I keep feeling really grossed out about my feet and I have to keep touching my toes to make sure they’re not hollow and breaking.

      1. I can’t believe how close her dream was to last night’s dream. What is so universal about the left foot or the left big toe? I dreamed I was tearing a snagged piece of nail from my left toe and when I looked at it. I notice I had took off the whole top of my toe and the inside was completely hollow all the way to the heel like an old cave, I saw linty cobwebs and other little objects. I took a pair of tweezers and after I removed the cobwebs, I removed very small pendants and charms and then to my surprise an exquisitely crafted necklace with loads of glittering diamonds. Then I lost the dream. I still would like to know the significance of the left and not the right toe?

  8. I dreamed of my own feet being beautiful long and straight, which they are not in real life. Also the toes were long and webbed.

  9. I had a dream last night that i had a hole in my foot…kind of a wound but not bloody and that flies kept getting inside of it and i could try to shoo them out but there were always some in there. I’m so grossed out even thinking about a hole in my foot! Why would i dream about that?!