Fingernails in Dream

Dreaming of fingernails mean you are concerned about your health as outwards appearances of your nails tell the story of whether you are taking care of yourself. Are you spending time to keep them properly trimmed and dirt free?

Pay attention to the conditions of your fingernails, as that is the basis of what your dream will mean. Dirty nails mean bad omens and misfortune. Healthy nails mean wealth and happy surprises.

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2 thoughts on “Fingernails in Dream”

  1. in my dream my nails were very well tooken care of. They were manicured and long… In real life they are always easily broken and short and dirty. My job causes these issues. Glad to have read my “dream nails” may mean something good.

  2. I saw myself maintaining and cutting my nails with a nailcutter, making them shorter and fine. What does this mean?

    Thank you,Salaam