Hair in Dreams

Hair in dreams can represent one of many things, dependent on the state of the hair. If you’re hair is different and not what you’re use to than it’s a sign of change. Long hair can represent longevity in life and the willingness to strive for the future. Messy hair shows a messy life and an unorganized one. Getting your hair cut shows how you need to change your life and hair is a quality that partially defines us and when you change it, you’re changing who you are. Hair may not necessarily be bad in a dream, but be aware that the different signs of hair can be indications of how you view your life.

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5 thoughts on “Hair in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream where me and my sister hung out at a carnival where I dyed my hair black, which I have wanted to do temporarily for some time, and then throughout the dream we hung out with these four guys who all looked like the different kinds of guys I have wanted to date throughout my life

  2. I had a dream a long time ago but the weird thing is that I remember it. I don’t usually remember my dreams unless they wake me up in the middle of the night even then I tend to forget them after a day or so. Its the weirdest thing I remember I had a dream but I can never remember what it was about. Anyway in my dream I was facing a big mirror in the bathroom of my house and I was just staring into it. I started to brush my hair and as I brushed it I would pull my brush away from it and my hair would fall out in clumps it just kept falling out. I began to freak out as I watched my face turn pale and dark circles under my eyes darken and then I woke up crying. The end. I just want to know if it means anything…

  3. it simply means you are chasing him, and changing urself to please him sexually
    and this dye also representing that he would no more interested wen things will fade

  4. okay, i had a dream last night that i dyed my hair. i am a natural brunette so i bleached it first (white) and then dyed it hot pink. in my dream my bleached hair was beautiful, and i put pins with pink roses on them in my white hair (i have these pins in real life). but then, i thought it would look better pink. when i showed my mom, she did not like it hot pink. the next day, half of the pink washed out so it was half brown, half pink. i got really upset so i was trying to dye it back to brunette. i kept seeing my boyfriend at random times in my dream, and i was trying to chase him later in the dream.

    my hair really is naturally brunette, but i have never dyed it. my favorite color is pink, and as i mentioned, i really do have pink rose hair pins. and, my boyfriend and i just began dating in real life after liking each other for a very long time, but i am struggling with this decision to begin dating, because i dont know if we are really meant to be together.

    does this dream mean i am changing ? and does the pink/roses signify that i really DO love him, and i am chasing him?