Heart in Dreams

Dreaming of a real heart represents your concern for maintaining a healthy heart, or a fear of your upcoming checkup due to a fast lifestyle. There’s no way to avoid the realities, but there is a way to strike the fear of a failing heart from your dream by taking up a regular exercise routine.

If you see a heart shaped gift in a dream such as a box of chocolates, or greetings card, then you are expecting an admirer to express their feelings to you. You are seeking affirmation that they like you when these heart shaped items are presented to you in the dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Heart in Dreams”

  1. Last night I dreamed I was at the hospital and we were talking abut my potassium levels when the nurse and I looked at my chest we saw blood and my heart beating outset of my chest as it grew larger with ever beat. I remember thinking I’m going to die then I was awaken.
    Can anyone tell me what this means?

  2. Last night I basically had the same dream 3 or 4 times in the night. I dreamed of being surrounded by gold hearts all around me. I reached for them and held some of them in my hand. In one of the dreams I was at work. Some of the gold hearts were solid and some were open like pieces of jewelry.